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NAS tutorial - ASUSTOR College

Interested in learning more about your ASUSTOR NAS?

ASUSTOR College provides a variety of easy-to-follow courses that allow you to quickly learn more about your NAS. Courses are classified according to difficulty level and topic allowing you to select the appropriate course for your knowledge level and needs.

Level: 1

NAS 131
Understanding the features and operation of ASUSTOR Live.
NAS 135
Learn how to install, customize and use ASUSTOR Portal.
NAS 136
Learn how to control ASUSTOR Portal with the ASUSTOR Remote and AiRemote.
NAS 137
Learn how to use Photo Gallery to share and manage the photos on your NAS.
NAS 138
Use LooksGood to play and manage videos
NAS 139
Use Media Converter to convert video files

Level: 2

NAS 231
A course about using the Remote app to stream and play music from your NAS.
NAS 232
Learn how manage photos and albums on your ASUSTOR NAS using AiFoto and your mobile device.
NAS 233
Install and use Tvheadend on your ASUSTOR NAS
NAS 234
Understand and use the basic functions in AiMusic
NAS 235
You can learn how to install Plex on your NAS.