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NAS 00 0

Level 1: Freshman

NAS 122 Using 2-step verification to enhance ADM account security Learn how to enhance ADM account security by enabling 2-step verification
NAS 123 Using SMB Multichannel Set up SMB Multichannel for greater SMB performance
NAS 145 Introducing Portainer Use Portainer to pull images and deploy containers in ASUSTOR NAS 0
NAS 110 Introduction to Access Control Learn how to use Access Control
NAS 140 Introduction to SoundsGood Introduction to SoundsGood 0
NAS 121 Remote Access Accessing your ASUSTOR NAS through the Internet
NAS 139 LooksGood - Introduction to Media Converter Using Media Converter to convert video files 0
NAS 163 Using a Xiaomi Webcam with an ASUSTOR NAS Learn how to connect and use your Xiaomi webcam on an ASUSTOR NAS. 0
NAS 135 Introduction to ASUSTOR Portal Learn how to install, customize and use ASUSTOR Portal
NAS 171 ADM Account Batch Creation and Importation Learn how to batch create and import User accounts in ADM
NAS 152 Introducing 3-2-1-Compliant Backups Learn how to implement 3-2-1-compliant backups here!
NAS 112 Introduction to Wake on WAN - WoW Understanding how to use Wake on WAN on an ASUSTOR NAS
NAS 160 Using exFAT storage devices How to access exFAT storage devices on ASUSTOR NAS ?
NAS 138 Introduction to LooksGood Use LooksGood to play and manage videos
NAS 111 Retrieving Photos from Google Photos using Google Takeout Import photos from Google Photos easily. 0
NAS 136 Controlling ASUSTOR Portal Learn how to control ASUSTOR Portal with the ASUSTOR Remote Control and AiRemote.
NAS 105 Networking: A Beginner's Guide Learn how to access the TCP/IP settings on your NAS and test it for connectivity.
NAS 108 Using NAS with Apple macOS A course about accessing your NAS using macOS and executing backup jobs using Time Machine.
NAS 109 Using NAS with Linux Using Linux to access files on your NAS via Samba, FTP, NFS, WebDAV and SSH
NAS 165 Introduction to iTunes Server and OwnTone Stream music from your ASUSTOR NAS using iTunes Server or OwnTone
NAS 162 Introduction to Download Center Learn how to use Download Center to execute BitTorrent and HTTP/FTP downloads.
NAS 161 Introduction to Surveillance Center Learn how to set up an start using Surveillance Center.
NAS 168 Your Home Media Center An introduction to UPnP Media Server V2/ MiniDLNA and streaming media to UPnP/DLNA compatible devices.
NAS 106 Using NAS with Microsoft Windows Set up a network drive and access your NAS using Microsoft Windows.
NAS 103 Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Learn how to use Wake-on-LAN with your ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 104 Introduction to Sleep Mode Learn how to use Sleep Mode with your ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 107 Introduction to Control Center Learn how to use Control Center to perform basic mangement on your ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 131 Using ASUSTOR Live to Back Up and Save Live Streams Understanding the features and operation of ASUSTOR Live.
NAS 101 Introduction to ASUSTOR NAS A basic overview of ASUSTOR NAS along with some if its features and benefits.
NAS 151 Removing Credentials from Windows Learn how to remove existing NAS login credentials from Windows.
NAS 102 Introduction to File Transfer Protocols An overview of the file transfer protocols supported by ASUSTOR NAS.

Level 2: Sophomore

NAS 236 Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3 Learn how to use Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3 to share and manage photos to and from a NAS 0
NAS 226 Using Your NAS as a DHCP Server Enable your NAS as a DHCP server to automatically assign IP address to all network devices 0
NAS 259 Using Remote Sync (Rsync) to backup your data Learn how to create and execute Rsync backup jobs to a remote ASUSTOR NAS
NAS 272 Using Your NAS as a Syslog Server Enable your NAS as a Syslog Server to centrally manage the logs from all network devices 0
NAS 262 Managing Surveillance Center Camera Licenses Add and manage camera licenses in Surveillance Center 0
NAS 255 Using MyArchive Create and use a MyArchive hard drive
NAS 234 Introduction to AiMusic Understand and use the basic functions in AiMusic
NAS 251 Introduction to RAID An overview of RAID and creating RAID volumes on the NAS.
NAS 206 Using NAS with Windows Active Directory Connect your NAS to a Windows Active Directory domain
NAS 269 Introduction to Mail Server Configure Mail Server on Your ASUSTOR NAS 0
NAS 228 Introducing ASUSTOR EZ Sync Learn how to set up and use EZ Sync here!
NAS 227 Introduction to AEC (ASUSTOR EZ Connect) Introduction to AEC (ASUSTOR EZ Connect)
NAS 221 Remote Access - Using EZ-Connect Connecting your ASUSTOR NAS to the Internet using EZ-Connect
NAS 273 Using Nextcloud for collaboration on an ASUSTOR NAS Installing and using Nextcloud with OnlyOffice for collaboration on ASUSTOR NAS
NAS 249 Virtual Machine Configuration with VirtualBox Configure and run Virtual Machines on ASUSTOR NAS with VirtualBox
NAS 265 Automating Download Center Learn how to automate your torrent downloads using RSS feeds and Download Center.
NAS 261 Advanced Setup for Surveillance Center An overview of Surveillance Center's various settings.
NAS 263 Creating and Using Maps with Surveillance Center Surveillance Center maps management
NAS 242 Using AiMaster Using AiMaster on your mobile devices
NAS 252 Introducing ASUSTOR Snapshot Center Learn how to use Snapshot Center for data backup, restore and management 0
NAS 244 Introduction to Subversion Set up a Subversion server on your ASUSTOR NAS 0
NAS 243 Using AiData Using AiData on your phone or tablet
NAS 246 Introduction to AiVideos Watch videos and stream digital TVon your mobile device with AiVideos
NAS 202 Using SSD Caching on your ASUSTOR NAS Learn how to speed up your NAS by using SSD caching.
NAS 224 Remote Access - Manual Connect Manually configuring your NAS connection to the Internet
NAS 235 Introducing Plex Media Server Learn how to use Plex Media Server on an ASUSTOR NAS 0
NAS 264 Using AiSecure Using AiSecure on your mobile devices
NAS 254 Cloud Backup Center Learn to use Cloud Backup Center to backup data from your ASUSTOR NAS to Amazon S3.
NAS 253 Introduction to Backup Plan Learn how to use Backup Plan with your ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 225 Introduction to FTP Explorer Connect to FTP sites and transfer files
NAS 208 WebDAV: A Secure File Sharing Alternative to FTP Connect to your NAS via WebDAV using a variety of different devices
NAS 223 Sharing Files to and from an ASUSTOR NAS with Share Links Use Share Links to share files from and to your ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 248 How to use AiVideos on Apple TV Using Apple TV to play videos straight from your NAS.
NAS 257 Using FTP Backup Learn how to back up data to and from your NAS using FTP
NAS 271 ASUSTOR NAS MIB Guide Introduces the basics of ASUSTOR NAS MIB files
NAS 250 Introducing DataSync Center Learn how to use DataSync Center to sync files with cloud storage.
NAS 245 Introduction to Git Configuring a Git repository on your ASUSTOR NAS
NAS 258 Using SMB Backup Learn how to back up data to and from your NAS using SMB
NAS 201 Configuring Push Notifications Learn how to configure push notifications for your NAS

Level 3: Junior

NAS 343 Introduction to System Migration Learn how to migrate your hard drives and data to a different ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 321 Hosting Multiple Websites with a Virtual Host Hosting websites with the virtual host function and using DDNS service with ASUSTOR NAS
NAS 309 Connect to an ASUSTOR NAS with a Dahua XVR Expand Dahua XVR Storage Capacity with an ASUSTOR NAS
NAS 351 Using WORM Shared Folders Use WORM shared folders to provide additional data security for your NAS.
NAS 323 Using Your NAS as a VPN Server Use your NAS as a VPN Server and connect to it using Windows and Mac
NAS 324 Using HTTPS to Secure NAS Communication Learn how to install a certificate to your ASUSTOR NAS and enable HTTPS
NAS 308 Introduction to iSCSI Learn about iSCSI and how to use it in conjunction with your NAS
NAS 353 Mitigating Ransomware Risks Mitigate ransomware and malware risks
NAS 322 Connecting Your NAS to a VPN Connect your ASUSTOR NAS to a VPN network
NAS 340 NIC Installation Learn how to install a NIC card
NAS 325 Introducing Reverse Proxies Making your NAS and apps secure
NAS 352 RAID Level Migration and Capacity Expansion Learn how to migrate storage volumes to a higher RAID level and expand the volume storage capacity.
NAS 307 Networking: Link Aggregation An overview of link aggregation and how to set it up on your NAS.
NAS 344 Mount CIFS folders Mount personal and shared CIFS folders to your NAS 0

Level 4: Senior

NAS 471 Introduction to Windows ACL Learn how to use Windows ACL to manage data access permissions on your ASUSTOR NAS 0