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  • Active participation is required during testing. We strongly encourage you to test the software and require your feedback.
  • The ASUSTOR Beta Program is not for everyone. Participants testing developmental software must tolerate the unpolished nature of a pre-release product. There will always be a risk of data loss. The ASUSTOR Team may not be able to help you in the case that you encounter any unexpected errors or bugs.
  • Regardless of whether you decide to upgrade to the beta firmware or not, please make sure to regularly backup the data on your NAS.
  • Update App Central apps after upgrading to ADM 4.0 Beta for the best experience and maximum compatibility.
  • After upgrading to ADM 4.0 Beta, USB TV dongles will no longer be supported.
  • Due to the upgrade of Linux Kernel, UPnP Media Server and iTunes Server can no longer be installed and used in ADM 4.0 Beta and above, and will be removed after the upgrade.
  • Volumes, including MyArchive created on ADM 4.0 devices employing Linux 5 cannot be read using the AS6004U on AS10 series.
  • Deprecated:
    • RALUS
    • UPnP Media Server 
    • iTunes Server - Use OwnTone as a workaround.

Items Descriptions Release Notes
ADM 4.0 Beta
Version: ADM 4.0.0.BKV2
Release Date: 2021-09-01
No matter if you decide to upgrade ADM or not, it is still recommended that you should back up all data on your NAS. Release Notes