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  • Syslog Server

    Effectively simplifying network management

    Syslog Server supports standard Syslog protocols and can centrally aggregate system logs that are spread out over various network devices for storage and management. Furthermore, Syslog Server integrates with the NAS’s Instant Notification function, allowing administrators to receive e-mails or SMS notifications when specified events occur, in order to quickly employ appropriate measures.


    Supports log archiving

    Most network devices provide only a limited number of system logs. When a problem occurs, sometimes there is a lack of historical data required for appropriate analysis. Syslog server provides an automatic log archive function that archives logs according to size, number or time.
    Archived logs can be conveniently accessed, with Syslog Server retaining the last 3 archived logs that have been accessed for quick viewing. The advanced search function can also be used to find required logs, increasing the efficiency of network maintenance.