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  • ASUSTOR NAS 華芸 Time Machine Backup

    Optimized for your Mac

    Mac lovers rejoice! You can use your Mac's built-in backup, Time Machine, to easily back up your Mac to an ASUSTOR NAS. All ASUSTOR NAS devices have been optimized for use with Time Machine, providing Mac lovers with a familiar and easy to use backup solution.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Optimized for your Mac

    Multi-user support

    Different Mac users can now safely backup their computers to the same NAS device. Unlike other NAS devices, ASUSTOR NAS does not just use one group account to carry out backup jobs for all Mac users, storing all their jobs under the same directory. With ASUSTOR NAS each Mac user is able to use an independent account and backup location thereby guaranteeing privacy for all.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Multi-user support

    Upgraded Samba – Better Performance and Time Machine Compatibility

    Samba has been upgraded, improving performance and improving Time Machine compatibility making Mac backups easier than ever.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Upgraded Samba – Better Performance and Time Machine Compatibility