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EZconnect.to Easy remote connection to your NAS.

EZ-Connect has been upgraded. ASUSTOR has launched a convenient web login service. Annoying router settings are no more! Simply open a web browser, use ASUSTOR Cloud ID + .ezconnect.to and connect to the NAS to access data anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, as long as there is an Internet connection, you can log into your NAS using a web browser.


Automatically synchronize files between computer and NAS

Through built-in EZ Sync Manager of ADM 3.2 and ASUSTOR EZ Sync for computer, data from computer can be synchronized to the NAS at any time from anywhere. With EZ Sync Manager and AES, your NAS will be your personal Dropbox with ample capacity at your fingertip with time version. If a file is accidentally overwritten with the wrong information, it can be restored using a previously saved backup copy.

To synchronize data between a computer and a NAS, please download and install ASUSTOR EZ Sync (AES) on your computer.


All ASUSTOR NAS Devices Support Seagate IHM

With the introduction of ADM 3.2.2, Seagate’s IHM tools are included in each and every ASUSTOR device, provided an Ironwolf™ or Ironwolf Pro™ drive is installed to make use of these features. With Seagate’s IHM tools, understanding hard drive health is easier than ever, increasing the chances of detecting hard drive malfunctions as early as possible. If notifications arrive before hard drive failures occur, preparations can be made such as backing up data. This ensures that the NAS will be able to provide uninterrupted service and helps prevent critical data from being damaged or lost.


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