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qiyan_chamber_orchestra Co.,Inc.

Company: Qiyan Chamber Orchestra

  • Company: Qiyan Chamber Orchestra
  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Industry: Music
  • Model: AS3102T

"The AS3102T fulfills our needs to centrally manage and archive video performances over the years. ASUSTOR’s regular scheduled backup features replace the time-consuming manual backups giving me more time to plan performances. The silent operation of the NAS is amazing, it doesn’t disturb me while doing work. "- Music Director, Sam Jou

The Challenge

Founded 19 years ago, the Qiyan Chamber Orchestra, specializes in high quality live ensemble performances. Whether it is a 60-70-person symphony or 30-person orchestra, the concert chamber orchestra deals with approximately a dozen rehearsals a year. Each rehearsal is recorded and photographed extensively. Over the past 19 years, a large number of performance recordings and photos have been accumulated. During a typical week, Sam Jou uses their main computer in their studio to reply to letters, manage online communities, and work on performances. All information are stored on the computer’s internal hard drive, and an external hard drive is used to back up the files from the computer. Over time, archived data accumulated to the point where now several USB external hard drives are now full. Since Mr Jou is always quite busy directing the performances, he gets distracted with all the work and forgets to do regular backups. In addition, videos shared on YouTube and Facebook groups often lose a large amount of quality after being digitally compressed. These videos can easily exceed 25GB and cannot be sent by email. To share with others, Mr Jou had to burn the audio portion onto a CD and then share that with his groups and musicians. Mr Jou was looking for a way to combine file sharing and data backup into one cloud solution.


The Solution

Considering cost, Qiyan Chamber Orchestra chose the cost effective AS3102T. Sam Jou needed to change the backup habits of Qiyan Chamber Orchestra to using a NAS instead of USB external drives. By using the NAS built-in backup app, Sam was able to easily record and archive important performance records over the years from the original external hard drive in his new AS3102T. Mr. Jou installed a program called ASUSTOR Backup Plan on his main computer in the studio and set up a scheduled backup task so that he can have ease of mind. The computer now regularly backs up information to the AS3102T every day. Sam said: "I was very worried that the backup setup would be too complicated, but the Backup Plan Wizard helped me get going in just two or three minutes. I completed the first set of tasks, and after logging into ADM, the desktop UI was easy to navigate to ‘Backup and Restore’. I found the external device backup options very quickly. In the past, it took four or five months for us to manually back up files and folders to the external hard drives. Now we have a smart backup tool that performs daily backups at a chosen time helping me focus on other issues."

Each performance will have a professional videographer to record the performance process. Afterwards the final performance will be uploaded to YouTube, and Facebook to share to friends and colleagues, however a complete video is not always possible, often because the file is too large and has to be cut into pieces to successfully upload to YouTube. This affecting the quality of the audio and video files. After discovering Share Link on his AS3102T, Mr Jou is now able to share the video to group members. Mr Jou also installed Photo Gallery to create an easy-to-share dedicated web album, and set the album to public to allow anyone to view. Now, Mr Jou only needs to notify each group to download their own photos without having to send them one by one. Mr Jou praised ASUSTOR’s one-click-sharing, allowing him to conveniently share photos and videos through social media.

Qiyan Chamber Orchestra Music Director Sam Jou said: "In the past, when using manual backups I would always feel that as long as we have successfully made a backup, that was enough, but after switching to the AS3102T, storage, backups and sharing has made life a lot easier. I am now able to spend more time handling group activities, interacting with our members as well as our musicians and truly enjoy the conveniences that cloud computing brings to our company.”

ASUSTOR NAS Advantages

  • ASUSTOR Backup Plan
  • USB external drive support
  • Backup scheduling
  • Easy to use UI
  • Fully featured Photo Gallery app
  • Easy and quick file sharing
  • Wide variety of apps
  • Quiet operation and low electricity consumption