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Case: Paige Su - Musician

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Industry: Music
  • Model Used: AS3204T v2

Paige Su, a musician studying at the University of North Texas has a fascinating mid-low voice. A full-time singer as well as a harpist.

About Paige Su

For the creative singer, Ms Su’s music style is unique and distinct. In addition to classical music, a variety of styles is combined with other varieties including, but not limited to Indian music, jazz, rock, and EDM. Ms Su is active in the world of music and participates in various music festivals. On the road to content creation, what she hopes most is to have an easy and safe way to store all her original content, so that past works can be improved upon and tweaked.

Better Backups

In recent years, with the rapid increase in content creation, the amount of information needed to be backed up has also increased rapidly. Paige uses public cloud services to back up files, but the limited space storage space makes storing music a difficult task. Coupled with security concerns, it is imperative to find better storage methods. To get over this, Ms Su decided to purchase and set up dedicated storage of her own. Compared to external USB storage, a NAS is more stable, has the ability to create a high-capacity solution, is easy to expand, and is easy to use and accessible when outside the studio. Although there are many NAS brands on the market, as an artist, Ms Su likes the fashionable exterior found on the AS3204T V2 which fits well with the aesthetics of the studio. The aesthetic of the chassis is inviting for people as well as being simple to install hard drives, leaving freedom for Ms Su to choose the capacity she desires.

Hardware Selection

After conducting extensive research on price, performance and longevity, Ms Su has chosen Seagate as her first choice, because Seagate has released the IronWolf series of hard drive designed specifically NAS environments. Different from ordinary computer hard drives, Seagate’s IronWolf drives support continuous operation as well as maintaining performance and stability through unique heat-resistant and shock-proof technologies. This allows creators to smoothly access files anytime, anywhere. Ms Su is also very concerned about data security, so she utilizes ASUSTOR’s built-in IronWolf Health Management software, which automatically monitors hard drive health as well as the NAS regularly. Various prevention, intervention and recovery options are able to be displayed to remind users about abnormal conditions to maintain overall system reliability, leaving Ms Su with little reason to worry about the safety of her data.

In the unlikely event of hard drive failure, Seagate's data rescue service can be the last line of defense for important data. Seagate has more than 30 years of professional data recovery experience and recovery rates can be up to 90%. This makes Ms Su feel that Seagate and ASUSTOR are working for and supporting musicians so that she can easily protect her data focus on music creation.

Intuitive UI

Four 4 TB IronWolf hard drives were chosen to be installed. After easily initializing the NAS, there are options to combine the four hard drives into one large volume in RAID 5, increasing data security. With a total storage space of 12 TB, it is more than enough to store information for Ms Su while providing an extra layer of security.

With stability and security achieved, ADM also brings an easy-to-use UI that also brings the ability to install a wide variety of apps. Coming with a mobile-like UI, ADM brings a familiar feel to its UI, making it easier than ever to use. Use App Central to download more apps, such as SoundsGood, iTunes server to stream, manage and play music anytime and anywhere.

In addition, Ms Su has stated that she also likes EZ Sync. This is because previous incidents have resulted in data loss on her PC. Although Ms Su knows the importance of regular backups but has found herself unable to consistently make backups due to other commitments, so Ms Su has turned to EZ Sync to make it easy to synchronize files between her laptop and ASUSTOR NAS. EZ Sync makes it so the same files are both in the computer as well as the NAS. Save one. When going out, AiData on a phone or tablet can also access the exact same files, making it easy for Ms Su to access her music anywhere with an internet connection.


Paige Su is the kind of person walks her own path in music. Her unique style of music is derived from the experiences accumulated over the past ten years, so retaining all original ideas and content is necessary for the inspiration of future music creation. Keeping all previous work safe is imperative for Ms Su and with ASUSTOR and Seagate, Ms Su knows her music is safer than ever.

ASUSTOR NAS Advantages

  • Backup Plan
  • USB external backup
  • Scheduled backups
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Photo Gallery
  • Easy sharing
  • Wide variety of apps
  • Quiet and efficient