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liquor_retailer Co.,Inc.

Company: XIT-IT Services for a large NZ Liquor Retailer

  • Location: Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Industry: Retailer
  • Model: AS6204T, AS6208T (Rolled out to 3 sites)
  • Data protection: RAID


A large liquor retailer in New Zealand is looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution to upgrade their aging & low quality analogue surveillance cameras.


XIT recommended using ASUSTOR AS62 series NAS devices, for use between 3 different branch locations of the liquor retailer. Models with at least 4 drive bays were chosen for their ability to create different RAID storage volumes which maintain the integrity of data even in the case of hard disk failures. The flexible management of RAID storage volumes also allows for online storage capacity expansion when storage space begins to run low.
ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center was installed on each NAS and then combined with the 5 to 10 HIKVision cameras installed at each branch location to create a new surveillance system. As AS62 series devices are able to support up to 36 different camera channels, in addition to the 4 free camera channel licenses included with Each ASUSTOR NAS, users only need to add additional camera channel licenses to satisfy needs for channel expansion. Additionally, ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center includes a simple quick install wizard that guides users to easily complete all camera, recording, storage and permission settings.
ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center provides 3 different modes for viewing surveillance feeds, providing the ability to view via Web browser, HDMI local output and mobile device. The surveillance monitoring for the liquor retailer was set up with a PC at the cashier that is logged in to view surveillance footage while in the back of the store there is a monitor directly connected to the NAS via HDMI that allows them to view surveillance feeds. The owner can also use the AiSecure mobile app to view the store surveillance from anywhere, anytime. Having 4 available HDD bays ensures reliable, redundant and expandable storage. Many months of footage can be stored and recalled at the click of a button. The easy to use remote management also allows XIT to login and resolve any issues the staff members may have. A win-win for both parties. The owner was so happy with the solution it was rolled out to her other store as well as being recommended to another owner who has since had it installed as well.

Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution:

  • Simple and easy to use operating system (ADM)
  • Up to 36 cameras per NAS (AS62 series) with 4 free camera channel licenses
  • High price to performance ratio with a wide variety of functions
  • Supports fisheye cameras for more comprehensive surveillance when compared with regular cameras. This is especially good for sites such as offices, ATMs, retail stores and hyper-markets.
  • Easy to use Surveillance Center mobile app (AiSecure )
  • Native support for over 800 different IP cameras