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hanhwaip Co.,Inc.

Company: S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Industry: Patent and Trademark Consultant
  • Model: AS6404T

"This is really the first time we have experienced a NAS, it was really surprising how easy it was to set up a user account, share folders and access settings. ASUSTOR’s AS6404T provides convenient mobile apps, flexible scheduling backup and USB one-touch backup, which not only changed our backup habits, but also made our work more secure." - Mr. Roger LAN, Supervisor of S & R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd.

The Challenge

S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd. is a small business with 10 employees, providing national patent services, intellectual property rights applications, advisory services, consulting, and information management. Director Lan states that the company uses personal computers as their file sharing center, resulting in high cost of electricity and also a high risk in hardware crashes. This resulted in them needing to reset their computer systems too often. They used four 500GB USB external hard drives to back up all the company’s data. Many times, due to being too busy at work, backups are forgotten by the employees. The company hopes to find a backup solution that is easy, centralized, efficient and able to save them money over the long term.

The Solution

After learning about the storage needs of S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd., ASUSTOR recommended the AS6404T to Director Lan. The AS6404T features the newest generation of Intel quad-core processors, excellent and stable performance, has an easy-to-understand graphical user interface called ADM operating system, and consumes only 24W of power. ADM is designed to be similar to a tablet UI so that the learning curve is low, making it suitable for beginners such as Director Lan. ADM’s built-in intelligent power management features helps save money. For example, all the lights on the NAS can be switched off on demand. Another unique feature is the night mode and system hibernation features, which is used to reduce power consumption to a minimum, helping to reduce the cost of power. The AS6404T has Wake on WAN, so even if the director is away on a business trip or away from the office, ASUSTOR’s AS6404T can be woken up by AiMaster on his iOS and Android phone.

S&R IPR Consulting’s backups had to be done using USB. Backup times were also inconsistent and random due to long work hours. After discovering the AS6404T, Director Lan was thrilled to no longer have to manually back up data. In the previous backup system, each department used their own external drive to back up. Director Lan was responsible for keeping the backups up to date. Now he uses a MyArchive drive occupying one bay in the NAS and the ASUSTOR Backup Plan app to back up all the data to that MyArchive drive. Director Lan was also thrilled to find that backups can be scheduled to run at a specific time, giving him more flexibility with his time. Backups are now done regularly with little input, solving the problem of time consuming and irregular manual backups. “It is our job to handle confidential contracts in our work to protect the trademarks and intellectual property of our customers. The ASUSTOR AS6404T can be configured to have shared folders with access right setting and file encryption, even on MyArchive drives. The encryption provided by ASUSTOR NAS really fits our services well because we handle a lot of confidential data from our customers. By using encryption we help create confidence that customer data will be protected.” said Director Lan.

In the original file sharing system of S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd., there is a file transfer size limit, if the size of the file exceeds 30MB, the mail server will automatically dump it to the FTP folder and send a download link to the customer. While it is convenient for the customer, it is inconvenient for the company as it takes up storage space on the mail server. Switching to the ASUSTOR AS6404T allowed S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd. to directly create Share Links, which do not take up storage space on the NAS. Share Links can also be managed at any time. In addition, employees who use the free Dropbox cloud service can set up auto sync with the ASUSTOR AS6404T, to directly manage files on Dropbox within the ADM's file manager for easy sharing.


S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd. used the ASUSTOR AS6404T as a primary storage solution, not only because it met their needs of low power costs, but also to help create a more efficient and effective backup.


ASUSTOR NAS Advantages

  • Easy-to-use ADM OS
  • Power management features
  • AES-256bit encryption
  • Encrypted MyArchives
  • Scheduled backups
  • ASUSTOR Backup Plan for instant/schedule backups (Windows)
  • Simple-to-set permissions
  • Wake on WAN feature
  • AiMaster NAS mobile management