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dcs_networks Co.,Inc.

Company: DCS Networks Limited

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Industry: Systems Integration
  • Model: AS6404T

The AS6404T’s outstanding performance, stable operation, smooth access, and well-established backup mechanism makes us feel at ease when safeguarding the research and development achievements of our R & D staff." - Mr. Apollo Weng, Executive Director of DCS Networks Co. Ltd

The Challenge:

With its 30 years of experience in the network switch market, DCS has established itself as an intelligent services system for enterprises in various fields by integrating the advantages of existing technologies and products. DCS Networks closely follows the trend towards Cloud Computing with research and development in this field being their major goal. In addition to protecting their customer and accounting’s data, software development is one of the company's most important assets. To properly preserve important assets, DCS needs a safe, reliable, and easily manageable storage solution to store these assets.

dcs_networks Co.,Inc.
dcs_networks Co.,Inc.
dcs_networks Co.,Inc.

The Solution

DCS provides enterprise integrated networking services to companies worldwide. Their staff consists of professional software development engineers, technical support and administrative staff for a total of more than 10 employees. Their company uses a mixed environment of Windows and Linux servers. To solve incompatibility issues, DCS Networks chose ASUSTOR as it supports cross-platform file management. Neil Kang, IT Manager at DCS said "Compared with other NAS devices currently used by the company, the AS6404T is the best choice for us. We love how the AS6404T uses an Intel quad-core processor and 8GB of memory to provide stable operation and high speed file transfers, which enhances the productivity of our engineers.”

In addition, the user interface of Asustor’s ADM, the operation system of the AS6404T, is simple and easy to learn. Mr Kang stated that he likes it a lot due to its simplicity. Initialization of the NAS only requires a few steps by following the setup wizard. After completing the installation, each feature and icon are clearly marked on the home page. Afterwards, apps can be accessed by clicking on the relevant icon to use the features of the NAS without wasting time looking for what he needs, helping him save a lot of valuable time.

The AS6404T has 4 hard disk bays. DCS chose to set up their NAS in a RAID 5 configuration to balance data security and storage costs. In addition to access rights for each folder, the AS6404T also provides folder encryption allowing Mr Kang is able to encrypt critical folders such as financial reports and strictly control access to those files, protecting the most confidential assets of their company.

As a centralized storage and backup center, AS6404T empowers users with its simplicity, RAID settings, seamless cross-platform file access and sharing, complete two-way backup and expandability functionality. Finally, the overall performance and stability of this NAS makes it the best choice for DCS Networks. Mr Kang recommended the NAS to the company and they are all satisfied with its performance.

DCS Executive Director, Apollo Weng said: "ASUSTOR is an associated company of ASUSTeK. We always trust the quality and service from ASUSTeK. After careful assessment, we are very pleased to recommend this cost-effective ASUSTOR NAS to our future customer base.”

Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution

  • Cross-platform file access and sharing
  • Stable read/write performance - Aggregated read/write performance in Raid 5 is 213MB/s and 178MB/s respectively
  • Easy to learn and use GUI
  • AES-256bit data encryption
  • Raid 5 for data security
  • Supports backup scheduling and two-way backups.
  • Easy access rights management
  • Wake on WAN
  • 3-year Warranty