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Company Name: Acme News

  • Location: North Carolina, USA
  • Industry: Freelance News Service
  • NAS Model: AS3102T v2

“Our new ASUSTOR NAS solved all of our storage problems overnight. It is the perfect all-in-one storage solution for my small business. The amount of time we've saved and the peace of mind it's provided in the short amount of time we've had it has made it worth its weight in gold. We have been able to focus on getting work done and not worrying about having to manage our data. We cannot recommend it enough!” Scott Pelkey, Acme News Owner.

Company Background

Acme News is a freelance news service and provides photojournalism services to local and national news outlets covering breaking news, sports, events, politics, and public interest stories. Acme’s works have been published locally and nationally including by Fox Business, CNN, and Vice News. It produces about a Terabyte of data a year.
Website: http://news.acmeventuresnc.com

The Challenge:

Currently Acme News photojournalists download media onto the SSD of their laptop and when the laptop is full, all assignments are either culled or transferred to a portable hard drive for long term storage. If a need to share or edit files arises, they have to either be copied to a thumb drive, uploaded to a cloud service or placed on an external hard drive. Not only is this inconvenient, it also makes finding the most current version of an assignment difficult.

The Solution

An ASUSTOR NAS would be a tremendous asset to their workflow. Not only would it allow them to expand their storage but also protects data and facilitates a more efficient workflow. Having the one external drive means only one computer can access the data inside at a time and a hard drive failure means they risk losing a month’s worth of data.

An ASUSTOR NAS would also be central location to store all completed assignments as well providing the ability to access files from anywhere on the network without losing track of the latest versions of files. It would also provide redundancy in our storage so they wouldn’t be at constant risk of losing all our data.

Why Choose ASUSTOR?

The ASUSTOR NAS devices products researched by Scott have had overwhelmingly positive reviews. They are simple to use, yet powerful and packed with all the features they could possibly need. Having the ability to expand storage at any time by upgrading the hard drives and the ability to configure the NAS with the features, apps, and settings they need gives ASUSTOR the perfect level of customizability to suit the needs of Acme News without being overcomplicated or overpriced.

The Solution

The newly-purchased ASUSTOR NAS makes accessing files from all of in-office computers easy while FTP allows remote access from anywhere in the world, to share and receive files from employees and customers. Cloud Backup Center from App Central ensures that files on an ASUSTOR NAS are safely backed up to the cloud. Since these features are built into the NAS, everything integrates seamlessly, making an ASUSTOR NAS the all in one solution for Acme News. Acme News has found that not having to worry about where their files are or if they are backed up has taken a significant burden off and allowed focus on doing work more efficiently.

ASUSTOR NAS Advantages

  • Backup Plan & Cloud Backup Center
  • USB external backups
  • Scheduled backups
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Photo Gallery
  • Cross-Platform and Multi-User Access
  • Wide variety of apps
  • Quiet and efficient