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Ready to start in just 3 steps


1. Prepare your ASUSTOR NAS for PaperOffice
2. Download and install PaperOffice
3. Connect PaperOffice with MariaDB on your ASUSTOR NAS


Central Document Management

One of the key benefits of using PaperOffice with ASUSTOR NAS is central document management. This integration makes it easier to digitize business processes by securely storing all your documents in one place on your ASUSTOR NAS, thanks to the central MariaDB database of PaperOffice.

Comprehensive Storage Security Measures

In any digital office environment, data security is a top priority. ASUSTOR NAS provides robust security features like RAID redundancy and snapshot support to guard against data loss and security threats, a crucial part of document management.


Offline Functionality and Data Protection

With PaperOffice, you can work locally without an internet connection, reducing reliance on cloud solutions and further advancing the goal of a paperless office.

ASUSTOR 與 Adobe 雲端儲存空間應用

AI-driven Automation

Automating processes in document management is effortless with the AI-driven automation features of PaperOffice.


Seamless Integration

The seamless integration between PaperOffice and ASUSTOR NAS creates a cohesive digital office environment. This integration optimizes document management and storage for maximum efficiency, with ASUSTOR NAS designed for 24/7 operation and serving as a reliable host for your PaperOffice account.

Dual Security Strategy: Local Storage Meets Robust Backup

Furthermore, the integration of a robust backup function ensures that your data remains safe, secured, and accessible at all times, even in offline mode.

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