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Besides the excellent hardware equipment Asustor provides the user with a comprehensive and user-friendly operating system, the new ADM 2.4 that in addition to all the interesting features of the previous version, introduces, among other things, also the TRIM feature that will allow for better performance with solid-state drives. The OS allows you to navigate through the various features of the NAS very easily, so they can be easy to use even for users not accustomed to these types of products. What's more, the company provides a number of tools that will further facilitate the user's tasks, simplifying life considerably, especially in the most delicate phases of installation. As with all high-end products, Asustor's AS-7004T has a large collection of mobile applications that allows users to use the product even when they are on the move, giving them the chance to browse through stored files, stream the music, movies and photos stored on the NAS or view the surveillance system and much more from the convenience of a smartphone.

Gold Award - AS7004T

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