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The quad-core CPU offers a nice performance boost over the dual-core CPU of the AS3102T. It becomes obvious in multimedia applications or when the NAS performs various operations at once. The AS3202T also consumes very little power, so you can easily have it operate around the clock without having to worry about high electricity bills. Thanks to its bundled HDMI port, this NAS can even play a central role in a multimedia system, which is something many of you will appreciate. Its HDMI port can also prove useful for local administration purposes if you don't want (or cannot) access the NAS remotely. The combination of the AS3202T's hardware and Asustor Portal proved to be great, and using Kodi, I was able to reproduce every multimedia file I tried, including some demanding 4K videos. With a proper operating system even a Celeron CPU and 2GB of RAM can provide decent performance.

Highly Recommended Award - AS3202T

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