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Media Review

6 Awards
iSCSI Gaming - NAS Storage for Your Massive Game Files asustor NAS


iSCSI Gaming - NAS Storage for Your Massive Game Files

"The NAS you use plays an important role in the performance. We like Asustor systems for iSCSI and running applications across the network. The Asustor NAS use some system memory for cache and that helps with latency. More » "

Tweaktown, US 2019-06
Review asustor NAS



"Indeed, this NAS has many advantages that are not limited to the power of its Core-i5 processor! The housing, which is rather well designed, provides both a generous capacity with 10 disk bays while providing adequate ventilation for proper cooling (and therefore good operation), allowing Asustor to ... More » "

zebulon.fr, France 2017-07
MKB Proof Award 2015 asustor NAS

AS7010T, AS-304T

MKB Proof Award 2015

"We are not really surprised by the support for cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive but also HiDrive and Amazon S3 are supported for enough backup capabilities. Use the AS7010T as a media center. Through the ASUSTOR Portal application you will get access to a handful of applications like XBMC ( ... More » "

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2015-08
Platinum Award asustor NAS


Platinum Award

"If you need a powerful NAS server with room for up to 10 HDDs and plenty of features and money is not in the way then the AS7010T is an excellent choice and that's why it gets our Platinum Award. More » "

NikkTech, US 2015-02
Best Choice 2014 asustor NAS


Best Choice 2014

"The AS7010T provides all the best functionality offered by a NAS and much more. It offers unlimited potential for enterprise and multimedia applications. More » "

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2014-12
A premium NAS for business asustor NAS


A premium NAS for business

"The new ASUSTOR AS7010T is a premium NAS for business, offering a compelling combination of features and performance wrapped in a compact, high capacity package. More » "

We Got Served, UK 2014-10