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Media Review

10 Awards
Worth Buying Award asustor NAS


Worth Buying Award

"A powerful, and thanks to the ADM software easy to use NAS for business or with its multimedia support and potential for huge storage space, a powerful home media hub. More » "

KitGuru, UK 2017-05
Editor's Choice Award asustor NAS


Editor's Choice Award

"Most users can happily get along with a two or four bay NAS, but for those that can’t, the AS6208T is a pretty sweet choice. With its multimedia functionality, its storage capacity and very robust app store (over 200 apps), the AS6208T would be perfect in an office or a home. It’s because of all ... More » "

Techgage, US 2017-04
Recommended Award (Issue#266, December 2016)  asustor NAS


Recommended Award (Issue#266, December 2016)

"The AS6208T scores highly for value and performance, and delivers a good range of network backup tools. More » "

PC PRO, UK 2016-12
Recommended Award asustor NAS


Recommended Award

"The AS6208T is an affordable eight-bay appliance that delivers top NAS and IP SAN performance. It delivers all the essential network storage and backup tools an SMB could need. More » "

ITPRO, UK 2016-12
Recommended Award asustor NAS


Recommended Award

"The AS6208T is a high-performance NAS that might cost a bomb, but is able to offer a ton of storage space and a great number of other interesting features. Not only can this NAS play a key role in a business environment, it can also be the main part of an advanced multimedia station thanks to its HD ... More » "

Techpowerup, US 2016-11
Recommended asustor NAS



"AS3204T and AS6208T models brought us great satisfaction in their use. The more professional AS6208T was appreciated for its greater storage capacity and comfort of its organization through its 8 bays. The flexible network configuration offered through 4 Gigabit interfaces will also be a particularl ... More » "

Zebulon, France 2016-10
Best Value  asustor NAS


Best Value

"ASUSTOR’s ADM software provides plenty of data backup tools and the new surveillance app is a winner. For an 8-bay NAS appliance, the AS6208T is also very good value and it delivers a mean performance as well. More » "

Simply Reviews, US 2016-09
Golden Award asustor NAS


Golden Award

"Once again ASUSTOR surprises us with the release of a powerful NAS server and top performance, build quality and features. With that out of the way ASUSTOR offers a slightly better bang for your buck ratio compared to the equivalent models by QNAP although again it does lack some features aimed at r ... More » "

NikkTech, US 2016-09
Rating 9 out of 10 asustor NAS


Rating 9 out of 10

"ASUSTOR AS6208T is an interesting option for users looking for a powerful NAS allows storage of large (as in terms of home / small business) data. Eight drive bays allows you to create RAID arrays using fewer hard drives, and its subsequent upgrades. Server price is not low, but it is similar to the ... More » "

CDRinfo, Poland 2016-08
Storage Sweetness Award asustor NAS


Storage Sweetness Award

"ASUSTOR NAS is not just a file-server anymore, it really is a fully fledged centralized file serving server with a plethora of applications and functionality ranging from your UPnP needs towards fast file serving and then the dozens of apps you can use for Usenet, torrents, Joomla, and on and on. In ... More » "

Guru3D, US 2016-07