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Media Review

9 Awards
Performance and Functionaility Awards asustor NAS


Performance and Functionaility Awards

"The ASUSTOR AS6104T NAS provides monster backup options and media expertise. More » "

Donanmin Haber, Turkey 2016-09
Review asustor NAS



"The Asustor AS6104T is a powerful 4-bay NAS, which leaves both of its hardware as well as of its software a very good impression. Pros: high performance and excellent data transfer rates, low power consumption and silent operation, excellent connectivity options (HDMI, 3x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 2x eSA ... More » "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2016-08
Editor's Choice Award asustor NAS


Editor's Choice Award

"The ASUSTOR AS6104T could replace your Home Theatre PC while providing heaps of storage for the rest of the home.  Regardless, that word sums up the AS6104T perfectly. It’s capable. There is simply so much you can do with it beyond simple file storage, and the trend in the NAS market to inclu ... More » "

Techgage, US 2016-07
The Right NAS for Business Circle asustor NAS


The Right NAS for Business Circle

"ASUSTOR AS6104T a NAS with a satisfactory performance and a complete feature for use in offices and business class. More » "

MetroTVNews, Indonesia 2016-06
Unboxing Review asustor NAS


Unboxing Review

"It is therefore a complete model also driven by a complete operating system. I can not recommend it enough. More » "

JusteGeek, France 2016-06
Blogger's Review asustor NAS


Blogger's Review

"ASUSTOR's AS6104T can be used as multimedia equipment. It does so with both hardware and appropriate software. Completing this is the remote control, or mobile application that converts your phone into a remote control for the NAS. It is powerful and able to transcode video. More » "

Sajdk.pl, Poland 2016-06
Worth Buying Award asustor NAS


Worth Buying Award

"The ASUSTOR AS6104T uses the latest Intel processor to good effect and would make a powerful and feature rich addition to both the home and office environments. More » "

KitGuru, UK 2016-05
Blogger Review asustor NAS


Blogger Review

"A test for hardware, OS, energy savings and speed Today, NAS is not only a device defined by their name, but much more. In this work I have two similar units, and one of them is not only a hub for file storage access in different ways, but also for intranet, pictures and mail. And this is only a fra ... More » "

Sajdyk.pl, Poland 2016-05
Best Hardware and Platimum Best Buy Award asustor NAS


Best Hardware and Platimum Best Buy Award

"ADM (ASUSTOR Data Master) with its latest 2.6 release (beta) fixes many bugs, incorporates the latest versions of the Linux kernel and GNU libraries thus making the work of developers of third-party apps much easier. Another function dedicated to the physical hot-swappable hard disks, MyArchive, has ... More » "

HW Legend, Italy 2016-03