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Media Review

10 Awards
Review asustor NAS



"Its interface is very easy to access and operate without specialized knowledge. The fact that it is almost completely silent allows the NAS to fit in as much in a conference room as in the midst of a living room. It is quickly forgotten. Asustor therefore has been able to offer a beautiful multimedi ... More » "

PlugnGeek, Canada 2016-01
PC Tip Award asustor NAS


PC Tip Award

"AS5104T - NAS, HTPC and server in one package The AS5104T can serve as comprehensive home HD player through the HDMI output, and the installed environment KODI. The Web interface is a cloud-based system that everyone understands. This NAS is not just under the table, but can be seen on your televisi ... More » "

ExtraPC, Czech 2015-10
Highest 5 stars score asustor NAS


Highest 5 stars score

"The strength of this NAS is undoubtedly the price. For € 539 we can take it home or use it in the office. It is a device with multifaceted capabilities that continues to expand thanks to ADM, App Central which is full of applications and dedicated mobile apps. In light of what we have seen and ... More » "

Next Hardware, Italy 2015-07
Silver Award asustor NAS


Silver Award

"ASUSTOR AS-5104T - A powerful, fast and versatile NAS server. If you are a heavy media streamer, and need to take advantage of regular transcoding (streaming media to smartphones or tablets, for example), then I would definitely recommend AS-5104T of AS-5004T, especially when offline transcoding sup ... More » "

ElektronikTest, Denmark 2015-07
Hands on review asustor NAS


Hands on review

"The market for Network Attached Storage (NAS) used to be just for geeks to keep their range of videos. But with advances in their capabilities, companies like ASUSTOR are bringing innovative answers to more customers, using a mix of their own and open source software to turn their NAS products into ... More » "

ChannelLife, New Zealand 2015-06
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"Pros: Metal case well made, very durable and rigid; Build quality worthy of note; Good quality of components; Great operating system. ADM 2.4 Beta - fast and responsive; Excellent ventilation system; High number of functions available; Excellent performance; Rich and very intuitive web interface; Ai ... More » "

HW Legend, Italy 2015-03
Performance Recommended Award asustor NAS


Performance Recommended Award

"The AS5104T NAS from ASUSTOR is built upon the proven chassis solution we have found on their previous generations, with an easy readable LCD display and additional buttons for performing the initial configuration without the need of a PC or extra software. The Celeron J1900 quad-core processor at i ... More » "

Madshrimps, US 2015-03
Highly recommendation asustor NAS


Highly recommendation

"The ASUSTOR AS-5104T is a powerful NAS solution for advanced home or business users seeking high-capacity storage, a wide array of features and lightning-fast performance. Highly recommended. More » "

We Got Served, UK 2015-02
Review asustor NAS

AS5102T, AS5104T


"For 2-bay NASes, the ASUSTOR AS5102T and AS5002T hold the #1 and #2 (respectively) spots on the charts for Total NAS ranking. AS5104T is the #2 following AS7004T. ASUSTOR has once again shown it can produce NASes with chart-topping performance at more affordable prices than its competition. More » "

Smallnetbuilder, US 2015-02
Supreme Value Award  asustor NAS


Supreme Value Award

"Overall the AS5104T is the ultimate NAS, offering users serious performance at a currently unbeatable price. The AS5104T is ideal for business use as well as home multimedia applications, making it highly flexible. ASUSTOR also offers a 3 year warranty, which is more generous than the 2 year warrant ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-01