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Media Review

17 Awards
Summary / Recommendation asustor NAS

Whatnext, Poland


Summary / Recommendation

"Asustor AS1004T v2 costs about PLN 1100. At this price it is a completely recommendable construction. The NAS looks correct and will work well as part of the company's equipment, for example. The assembly of disks is simple and the mounting possibilities allow for a large disk space. "

Quality Award asustor NAS

iThardware, Poland


Quality Award

"ASUSTOR AS1004T V2 is one of the simplest four-disk network servers available on the market, the quality of the whole is very good. "

Platinum Award asustor NAS

HW Legend, Italy


Platinum Award

"The new ASUSTOR AS1004 v2 is a small 4-bay NAS, with excellent performance and a clean and discreet appearance. Suitable for both home and small office environments, this model provides many features for basic and advanced users. "


Tecnocino, Italy



"Faced with the results we have collected, we would like to suggest the purchase of ASUSTOR AS1004T v2. On the performance side we have found a further increase in performance, which can be considered significant. The price of ASUSTOR AS1004T v2 places this NAS in a niche market where competition is ... "

Golden Award asustor NAS

NikkTech, US


Golden Award

"Whenever we get to test a product which effectively succeeds another there are two things we look for, how it compares to other similar models in general and how it compares to its predecessor. When I heard that the new AS1004T V2 just offered a higher clocked CPU compared to its predecessor I can ... "

Silver Award asustor NAS

jotareviews, Portugal


Silver Award

"In short, it's a good NAS for those who need 3 to 4 storage bays at a nice price for the features they bring. "

Review asustor NAS

tecnocino, Italy



"The ASUSTOR AS1004T is a very interesting and economical NAS that can deliver good performance. If you are looking for a very high value for money , the AS1004T is the device that can meet your needs.  "

Best Design & Best Buy Award asustor NAS

HW Legend, Italy


Best Design & Best Buy Award

"The new ASUSTOR AS1004T is a 4-bay network storage server created for the digital home. The NAS is the ideal solution for users who make intensive use of multimedia content across multiple devices. The AS1004T is stable and fast with some of the best performance in its class without suffering the s ... "

Recommended Award asustor NAS

PC Advisor, UK


Recommended Award

"We liked the ASUSTOR AS1004T for its ease of installation, it’s relatively quiet operation in normal use and its decent performance. "

Review asustor NAS

TechAdvisor, UK



"A four bay NAS drive at this price makes it worthy of note. The fact that that it’s quiet in operation, works well and has a decent range of apps to support it make it a bargain. "

Editor's Choice, Value for Money asustor NAS

TheLabs, Greece


Editor's Choice, Value for Money

"The big advantage is definitely the price. It has two USB3.0 ports, capacity can reach 32TB, a user-friendly operating system and promises to keep your data safe. The installation process was simple, we liked App Central which has many applications. We had several applications for our mobile phone ... "

8.5 out of 10 Score asustor NAS

Tweak, Denmark


8.5 out of 10 Score

"ASUSTOR has fitted the server with a cool design in the best ASUS networking style. The performance is great and setup plus usage of the server are very easy. I also find the price is good. "

Gold Award asustor NAS

ElektronikTest, Denmark


Gold Award

"ASUSTOR's still quite new, but has come into the market at just the right time with their products. This NAS is one of the smallest models, which still seems to provide super good results, as evidenced by the test of network speeds. ASUStor ADM is constantly being updated, and I think that it seems ... "

Recommandation Award asustor NAS

59Hardware, France


Recommandation Award

"With the AS1004T, ASUSTOR has placed itself directly among the great names of network storage through an economical and quality product. Choosing a Marvell processor provides sufficient performance while the number of add-on applications available via "App Central" is very impressive. App ... "

Fabulous entry-level NAS asustor NAS

We Got Served, UK


Fabulous entry-level NAS

"At $289, the ASUSTOR AS1004 is probably the least expensive four-bay NAS that I’ve reviewed and it offers a significant bang for the buck. Wind back the clock a couple of years and a NAS product at this price point would have been a cheap and nasty two-bay device with terrible performance and rope ... "

Review asustor NAS

Comptoir-Hardware, France



"We're done with evaluating the AS1004T from ASUSTOR. This small NAS is pretty nice, very simple to implement and great for general public use. We saw in our tests, the AS1004T provides performance at a high level. The flow rates are sufficient for use and are a notch above competitors in the seg ... "

Value product recommendation asustor NAS

Madshrimps, US


Value product recommendation

"Regarding the system performance, we were quite impressed by the read/write speeds in normal use. The product is running the latest ADM 2.5.1 version, which is really a breeze to use and the initial setup procedure can be also ran from mobile devices, thanks to the AiMaster application.While the mor ... "