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32 Awards
[Test Winner]<br/>Asustor Lockerstor 2 AS6602T asustor NAS


[Test Winner]
Asustor Lockerstor 2 AS6602T

"With its high performance and many features, the Asustor Lockerstor 2 AS6602T is the leading network storage device with two hard drive slots More » "

CHIP Magazine, Czech 2022-01
Five Gig Above Standard asustor NAS


Five Gig Above Standard

"After an inexpensive ten-gigabit NAS, Asustor launched the model at half speed. This can be achieved by aggregating two ports. In addition, HDMI and a great multimedia environment. Verdict - 9.2 / 10 points A versatile NAS that offers multimedia center functionality in addition to all network servic ... More » "

Časopis Computer, Czech 2019-08
ASUSTOR AS4004T: Fast and powerful NAS for home and business asustor NAS


ASUSTOR AS4004T: Fast and powerful NAS for home and business

"ASUSTOR has developed an interesting model series AS40, which we can recommend to medium-sized businesses, especially in the case of 4-wheel AS4000T. The smaller 2-disk version of the AS4002T then finds its application in homes, providing a performance reserve for many years to come. More » "

Alza, Czech 2018-11
Home two-bay NAS server AS3102T v2 asustor NAS

AS3102T v2

Home two-bay NAS server AS3102T v2

"The server is energy-efficient and offers plenty useful features with a good price-performance ratio. We like complete Czech control and easy installation of discs. More » "

Počítač pro každého, Czech 2018-10
Best Buy Award asustor NAS


Best Buy Award

"The cheapest 10 Gb/s NAS for demanding household or a small business. More » "

Komputer, Czech 2018-09
Review asustor NAS



"This model performs the role of several devices in one, among other things, it also features an HDMI output for powerful video playback at 4K resolution. It also offers the possibility of using it as a multimedia player. More » "

Computer, Czech 2018-01
CHIP Award asustor NAS


CHIP Award

"AS6102T media center can then be a completely separate home multimedia center with ultra-high resolution and surround sound support. More » "

CHIP, Czech 2017-04
Review asustor NAS



"This powerful NAS server offers a large selection of ports for connecting to various peripherals, a sturdy construction and can be served as a media hub. It deserves our commendation and a three-year warranty. More » "

PPK, Czech 2017-04
Review asustor NAS



"There were several basic applications (Storage Manager, File Explorer and Access Control) pre-installed on the NAS, and other applications can be easily added. The variety is large from the music player via a web browser to an antivirus program. More » "

PPK, Czech 2017-03
Review asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS1002T can become the ideal companion in a home or small business. Apart from a decent performance and intuitive operation, it offers the greatest added value in the form of its own operating system, which allows you to install a broad line of applications and thereby add new functions ... More » "

CZC.CZ, Czech 2016-12
TEST asustor NAS



"NAS & Home Network More » "

CHIP Special, Czech 2016-09
Ranking #1 from 10 NASes test asustor NAS


Ranking #1 from 10 NASes test

"Pro: High performance and HDMI output for 4K More » "

Computer, Czech 2016-09
Review (Rating: 4.5/5) asustor NAS


Review (Rating: 4.5/5)

"AS3202T is 2-bay NAS server for home and small office whcih offers high performance and energy-saving operation .It can be operated by internet using mobile applications. More » "

PPK Special, Czech 2016-06
Review (Rating 4.5/5) asustor NAS


Review (Rating 4.5/5)

"AS3102T offers high performance and economical operation and can be remotely via the Internet. More » "

PPK, Czech 2016-05
TREFA Award asustor NAS



"ASUSTOR's AS3102T is a modern and powerful NAS which is designed for two hard drives and offers decent performance with its Intel Braswell processor and also direct HDMI output. This will allow it to connect directly to your TV and use it as a multimedia center.  More » "

SvetHardsware, Czech 2016-03
High recommendation asustor NAS


High recommendation

"Issue: 05/2016 A home-use dual-drive NAS server, Asustor's AS3102T offers high performance and economical operation remotely via the Internet. WHY BUY: Server is energy efficient and provides plenty of useful features. We like the three-year warranty. More » "

PPK, Czech 2016-02
Ideal Home NAS asustor NAS


Ideal Home NAS

"This is a fully sufficient dual-drive solution for domestic purposes. It offers data security and also serves as a media center with your TV. More » "

Extra PC, Czech 2015-10
PC Tip Award asustor NAS


PC Tip Award

"AS5104T - NAS, HTPC and server in one package The AS5104T can serve as comprehensive home HD player through the HDMI output, and the installed environment KODI. The Web interface is a cloud-based system that everyone understands. This NAS is not just under the table, but can be seen on your televisi ... More » "

ExtraPC, Czech 2015-10
High rating in review asustor NAS


High rating in review

"Issue 22/2015 A comprehensive solution for storing large volumes of data within your home network or office is a NAS server. Asustor's AS1002T is a NAS that is simple and cheaper, but offers solid performance. Pros: Good price to performance ratio / Czech user interface / Quiet operatio ... More » "

Počítač Pro Každého, Czech 2015-10
ExtraPC TIP Award asustor NAS


ExtraPC TIP Award

"AS5002T: Really fast, Multimedia Data Storage A NAS that can do everything. Features include user management, VPN and access right management. It can be mapped via Samba and other protocols to your computer. Perfectly share a nonstop 24/7 hours accessible storage space from your local network and fr ... More » "

ExtraPC, Czech 2015-04
Smart Buy Award asustor NAS


Smart Buy Award

"ASUSTOR AS5002T: Multimedia data warehouses that overcomes gigabit. More » "

ExtraHardware, Czech 2015-04
Best Buy Award asustor NAS

AS5002T, AS5102T

Best Buy Award

"From 8 NAS roundup review by Computer Magazine (#4/15) AS5002T and AS5102T both receive highest rating from comparison with 8 other NASes. AS5002T Rating: 9.3Pros: Performance and operational properties / XBMC and more multimedia applications AS5102T Verdict: 9.2 Pros: Excellent performance/cons ... More » "

Computer, Czech 2015-04
Thumb Up Award  asustor NAS


Thumb Up Award

"AS7004T: Hardware without compromise!Multimedia oriented NAS with excellent performance which yet hardly will seek competition.Pro Powerful processor,expandable memory Multimedia capabilities Silent operation, acceptable Power consumption More » "

Computer, Czech 2015-02
Review asustor NAS



"AS-302T is a quality NAS, which features sufficient power, quiet operation and an HDMI interface. The price is low and you need to add more to the price for two hard drives, NAS is still an important part of a home network and ASUSTOR is among the best. More » "

ExtraHardware, Czech 2014-10
High Performance Award asustor NAS


High Performance Award

"The AS-604T was a very pleasant surprise. Our first experience with the ASUSTOR brand was unambiguously positive. ASUSTOR's AS-604T is awell-tuned high performance NAS, that is easy to use and has a large number functions. More » "

IT Systems, Czech 2014-08
Editor's tip PPK


Editor's tip PPK" Award

" AS-302T is a powerful and very smart home data storage solution that can be also used as a multimedia player. More » "

PPK Mag, Czech 2014-03
Review asustor NAS



"ASUSTOR's market offering is definitely a success. Instead of coming in at the lower rungs of the market ASUSTOR has first ventured into the upper middle class segments, where it will undoubtedly succeed. In terms of performance, it is not bad at all and in some ways surpasses the proven models of S ... More » "

ExtraHardware, Czech 2013-11
Review asustor NAS



"ASUSTOR's market offering is definitely a success. Instead of coming in at the lower rungs of the market ASUSTOR has first ventured into the upper middle class segments, where it will undoubtedly succeed. In terms of performance, it is not bad at all and in some ways surpasses the proven models of S ... More » "

ExtraHardware, Czech 2013-11
Review asustor NAS



"ASUSTOR AS-202TE is therefore a quality product at an adequate price, which can serve not only as a network server for data storage but also as a media player. More » "

Svethardware, Czech 2013-11
PALEC Computeru Award asustor NAS


PALEC Computeru Award

"The dual-bay AS-202TE from ASUSTOR is a NAS that should be in high demand by home users. It features multimedia player functionality and is a powerful NAS that offers high speed data transfers. Pros: Quick and agile user interface, Great hardware and very quiet operation More » "

Computer, Czech 2013-10
Trefa Award asustor NAS


Trefa Award

"The AS-602T is good for home users to use as a data storage center. The strength of the NAS is mainly its software which offers many dozens of applications. Additional strengths are stable performance during data transfer and quiet operation. Thus the ASUSTOR AS-602T gets this award for its quality ... More » "

Svethardware, Czech 2013-05
We want it! Award asustor NAS


We want it! Award

"ASUSTOR’s AS-602T brings us great surprises. ASUSTOR has used its wealth of experience to create a high quality and fast NAS featuring multimedia playback with Boxee. Once again, given the new and different NAS experience, we feel that this is an excellent design. More » "

ExtraPC, Czech 2013-05