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NAS 273

How to install and use NextCloud with OnlyOffice on an ASUSTOR NAS

How to use NextCloud with OnlyOffice for collaboration



Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

use NextCloud with OnlyOffice Beta for document editing and group collaboration.



Course Prerequisites:


Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:




1. Introduction

2. How to Install and use NextCloud and OnlyOffice for Document Editing and Group Collaboration

2.1. Installing NextCloud

2.2. Installing OnlyOffice and NextCloud Setup

2.3. Setting Up Group Collaboration


1. Introduction

Increase productivity with an ASUSTOR NAS and OnlyOffice. An ASUSTOR NAS with NextCloud and OnlyOffice becomes an extensive productivity suite designed to make editing files, including, but not limited to documents, spreadsheets and presentations even easier than ever. OnlyOffice, a groupware app, also enables multiple users to edit supported files simultaneously, allowing people to easily collaborate on projects.

2.How to Install and use NextCloud and OnlyOffice for Document Editing and Group Collaboration

2.1. . Installing NextCloud

1.Install NextCloud version 19.0.0 or above first. OnlyOffice will not be able to be installed until NextCloud is installed.

2.After installing, set up an admin account and the database.
Storage & Database are optional when creating an account.

To use MySQL/MariaDB, please install MariaDB and phpMyAdmin.

After installing MariaDB, please open it to enable MariaDB remote access and to change your password.

Type in a new password and click OK.

Type in current password and click OK.

The current password is 'admin'.

Please click Apply in MariaDB.

Open phpMyAdmin. Username is ‘root’ and password is the same as your recently-changed MariaDB password.

Click New and go to User accounts to add a new user account.

Type in your new username. Our example has MariaDB written as the username.

Type in a new password and ensure that both check boxes under Database for user account are enabled.

After that, click the go button to finish setup.

Open NextCloud again and select MariaDB

Type in your username.

The database name should be the same as username.

For the database host, type in your NAS IP as well as a colon, followed by 3306. If you have changed the port number in MariaDB, then enter that in replacement of 3306.

Click finish setup.

2.2 Installing OnlyOffice and NextCloud Setup

1.   Install OnlyOffice Document Server version 5.5.3.r1 from App Central. Currently, only support x86-64 platform models except AS-60 and doesn't support other platforms models like AS40, AS33, AS11.
Known Limits: First-time installation may fail due to App Central timeout limitations. If installation fails, please try again.

2.     After OnlyOffice has completely installed, open NextCloud to set up OnlyOffice Document Server.

3.     Open NextCloud with the admin account, click the account icon on the top right corner and click +Apps.

Find OnlyOffice under Office & text and press Download and enable.

4. Please open File Explorer and go to Docker folder > Nextcloud>config to find the config.php file.

Then, download it.

Edit the config.php by using Notepad.

Add below to the file and save the file.

'allow_local_remote_servers' => true,

Upload the revised file back to the config folder and please also close Nextcloud and reopen it.

After enabling OnlyOffice, click the account icon.

5.    Click OnlyOffice from the left panel and go to Document Editing Service address. Input your NAS IP address followed by a colon (:) and port number 31080. Press Save.

6.    Change the default file type. Press Save.

7.    After that, click Files to see documents that can be opened by OnlyOffice. OnlyOffice will open up new browser tab to enable editing. Files can be also be uploaded.

You can set up port 32680 for NextCloud and 31080 for Onlyoffice 

2.3 Setting Up Group Collaboration:

1. Setting up personal emails and an email server.
Personal email:
Click Personal info, and input personal email.

Setting up an email server:

If you are using Gmail, please enable less secure app access from the Google account page:  https://myaccount.google.com/u/0/

Click Basic settings, and set up an email server with your Gmail account and password as shown below.

Note: Different forms of encryption use different ports. SSL/TLS uses 465 and SMARTTLS uses 587.

SSL/TLS encryption:

SMARTTLS encryption:

A test mail can be by clicking Send email to verify the email server.

2.   Add another NextCloud user:

Click the account icon on the top right corner and select Users.

Click +New user to add a new user.

3.    Add group:

Users can be added to the same group for convenient file sharing and collaborative editing. To simultaneously edit the same file, sharing has to be enabled

4.      4. Setting up file or folder sharing.

Please choose a file or folder for collaboration and press the share icon.

Send a share link to anyone you wish to collaborate with or share to a group.

5.     Invited users should now be able to log in NextCloud from another PC or Browser and find that shared files or folders will now appear and can be selected to simultaneously edit.

6.     PDF files can be viewed but not edited.


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