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15 Awards
AS4002T Review asustor NAS


AS4002T Review

"The ASUSTOR AS4002T is a very reasonably priced NAS that comes with a speedy 10GbE network adapter. More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2018-09
APH : Renewal Award asustor NAS


APH : Renewal Award

"the ASUSTOR AS6404T is one of the most power efficient NAS we have ever tested here at APH Networks. If you want, the company's new Wake on WAN feature lets you turn the system on or off on-demand.  More » "

aphnetworks, Canada 2017-07
Review asustor NAS



"The company's excellent ADM operating system continues to be the highlight of the ownership experience, being one of the best in the industry both in features and execution. On the hardware side of things, the ASUSTOR AS3202T is equipped with a more powerful quad core Intel Celeron N3160 CPU compare ... More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2016-05
Excellent in market and potential asustor NAS


Excellent in market and potential

"The ASUSTOR AS3102T is a good looking and good performing consumer NAS that does 4K with one of the best operating systems in the market today. More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2016-03
Review asustor NAS



"Its interface is very easy to access and operate without specialized knowledge. The fact that it is almost completely silent allows the NAS to fit in as much in a conference room as in the midst of a living room. It is quickly forgotten. Asustor therefore has been able to offer a beautiful multimedi ... More » "

PlugnGeek, Canada 2016-01
KICKASS Award asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS1002T NAS is designed to be your cloud storage solution with many mobile apps to make connectivity a snap. It's an affordable, compact and very elegant looking NAS. It can accommodate two 8TB drives, has two USB3 ports, a Gigabit LAN port and much more. More » "

3Dgameman, Canada 2015-11
APH equal.balance Award asustor NAS


APH equal.balance Award

"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a great looking NAS that delivers class leading performance, with one of the best operating systems in the market today, for only $180 at press time. Its feature set is competitive for the price, with its performance and operating system easily one of, if not the best, in its ... More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2015-11
Gold Award  asustor NAS


Gold Award

"The AS5004T is no mere Network Attached Storage box for your home. This isn't built for your average home user. It certainly works in that situation, but this box is built to work in SMB environment and as you can see in the review - it can do that and more. It is designed for a corporate office ... More » "

BCCHardware, Canada 2015-03
3Gameman's Choice Award asustor NAS


3Gameman's Choice Award

"The ASUSTOR AS5002T NAS is outstanding. This model supports up to 2 drives, has 3 USB3 ports, 2 USB2 ports, 2 eSATA ports, HDMI 1.4a and more. You can get an optimal remote or a keyboard and mouse. This NAS is perfect for home or small business filer server. It would also be sweet with Kodi or Plex ... More » "

3Gameman, Canada 2015-03
Renewal Award asustor NAS


Renewal Award

"As a product situated in the company's flagship line, the AS7004T is certain worthy. It packs some serious hardware punch with the powerful Intel Core i3-4330 CPU, and delivered top notch performance according to our tests. The front panel LCD display, ability to play 4K UHD videos, and S/PDIF o ... More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2015-02
Review asustor NAS



"From our experience with the unit, we can say without doubt that Asustor is a very effective and welcome addition to the list of SOHO / SMB NAS vendors. We look forward to evaluating more Asustor units that present a better price to features/performance ratio than what is provided by the AS-304T. More » "

AnandTech, Canada 2014-03
Price/performance Choice Award asustor NAS


Price/performance Choice Award

"The ASUSTOR AS-202TE delivers commendable performance, lower power consumption, and tons of features for a competitive price. More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2014-01
100% KICKASS Award asustor NAS


100% KICKASS Award

"The ASUSTOR AS-302T Multimedia NAS Server is basically a mini computer system that serves as a dedicated storage device for all of your data needs. What really sets this apart from other NAS servers is it's ability to turn into a HTPC. Just add an HDMI cable to a compatible HDTV and you're watching ... More » "

3Dgameman, Canada 2013-11
Review asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS-602T is a well-rounded network attached storage device that delivers in performance and in features. More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2013-05
Editor's Choice asustor NAS


Editor's Choice

"At the end of the day the ASUStor AS-604T has no major complaints about it at all. It starts up and shuts down quickly. It's quiet. It's fast. It's powerful. It has a lot of flexibility and options that make it work in almost any situation - home or office. On a good network, it is so fast tha ... More » "

BCC Hardware, Canada 2013-03