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FreshRSS asustor NAS App



FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator like Leed or Kriss Feed.
It is lightweight, easy to work with, powerful, and customizable.
It is a multi-user application with an anonymous reading mode. It supports custom tags. There is an API for (mobile) clients, and a Command-Line Interface.

1. If you want to use MySQL/MariaDB for FreshRSS, please create an user and database in MariaDB by using phpmyadmin, and then use the information to initialize FreshRSS database.
2. Please enable MariaDB remote access from MariaDB app icon on ADM desktop, and input the NAS IP as for the host of MySQL/MariaDB. (MariaDB is not allowed to use root for remote access.)
3. Additional extensions can be dropped into '/share/Docker/FreshRSS/config/www/freshrss/extensions' and will be active after the App restart.
4. The docker version is maintained by LinuxServer.io.

What's new in this version?

Version: 1.18.0.r01

- Initial release with Docker version 1.18.0.

FreshRSS asustor NAS App