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    Initializing a NAS has never been this easy

    AiMaster’s exclusive initialization function makes it easy set up your NAS. Now you can instantly configure and initialize your NAS from the convenience of your mobile device. No matter if it is adding new users, installing exciting new NAS apps, upgrading your firmware or checking the real-time status of your system, AiMaster can helps you get it done with ease.


    Elegantly integrates ASUSTOR Apps

    After using AiMaster to install exciting new Apps for your NAS, AiMaster will then simultaneously enable the corresponding mobile apps. No matter if it’s searching for files, browsing photos, listening to music or monitoring surveillance feeds, all are conveniently available to you at the touch of a finger.


    NAS management at your fingertips

    AiMaster is ASUSTOR's NAS management app for mobile devices that allows you to easily control all your NAS devices no matter if you are a home user or IT administrator.


    Instant notifications

    AiMaster features real-time system event notifications allowing you to monitor your system status from the convenience of your mobile device. When certain events occur, notifications are sent to your mobile device in the form of push notifications helping you stay abreast of all the latest developments.


    Stay in sync with your NAS

    With AiMaster you are never far from your NAS. Manage all your services, applications, and backup jobs at any time and from any place. Execute one touch backup jobs and monitor all users and system status. Even use the Find Me function to locate your NAS among many. All this is possible and more with AiMaster.


    HTTPS connections protect sensitive transmissions

    HTTPS is an encrypted transmission technology commonly seen on the Internet and is also currently the safest encryption technology available. ASUSTOR apps support HTTPS encrypted connections and transmissions, allowing all transmissions between mobile devices and your NAS to be encrypted and covertly sent, effectively preventing malicious network monitoring.


    Enhanced Mobile Privacy Protection

    Worried about losing your phone and accidentally giving someone full access to all the data on your NAS? Passcode protection is your first line of defense. When using passcode protection, you will need to enter a correct passcode before being able to use an ASUSTOR mobile app. This significantly enhances mobile privacy while ensuring that you won’t have to worry about accidentally giving someone access to your NAS.

    *This feature is supported on Android devices.


    The perfect NAS management App

    Download it now and simplify your NAS experience