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    Synchronous Play Means Double Enjoyment

    AiMusic supports dual mode streaming, meaning that you can freely choose to connect your NAS to any source device, including but not limited to HDMI audio amplifiers, USB DAC, and USB/Bluetooth speakers. You will now be able to play the same song on your NAS and your phone simultaneously. Listen to music with friends and family and share your favorite songs.


    Listen to your favorite songs while offline

    AiMusic also allows you to download songs from your NAS to your mobile device for offline listening. No matter if it is is a single song, an album or an entire playlist, all can be easily downloaded to your mobile device for convenient listening.


    A variety of listening experiences

    Play music from playlists that you create yourself for an optimal listening experience. Like listening to random songs? AiMusic's Random songs play mode is your best friend! You need only select it once to create a random playlist from your entire music collection, allowing you to enjoy a new listening experience each and every time.


    Terabytes of music in the palm of your hand

    AiMusic allows you to stream music from your NAS to your mobile device, letting you enjoy your entire music collection while on the go.


    Downloading AiMusic

    AiMusic is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. You can search for 'AiMusic' in the App Store/Google Play or scan the QR codes below to download the app