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Company: PenPower Technology

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Industry: Software development
  • Supported models :AS61/AS62/AS63/AS64

"ASUSTOR's NAS series uses robust and reliable hardware to provide reliable operation. Not only does an ASUSTOR NAS offer cross-platform file sharing features, but ADM's full backup mechanism and decentralized access rights features can also be seamlessly integrated with a corporate work environment, allowing our business card management solutions to be easily imported to our business infrastructure, giving our products higher value and competitiveness." - PenPower Technology

The Challenge:

In business for more than 27 years, PenPower is a smart human-machine interface core technology research and development company. It develops products such as handwriting, voice and Optical Character Recognition. Pen Power integrates key technologies and applies them to PCs, mobile devices, communication transmissions, and to the Internet. In different industries such as the Internet and information appliances, PenPower provides cross-platform optical character recognition software through their products, such as Writ2Go, WorldPenScan X, WorldCard, WorldDocScan and Mobility apps. In the past, PenPower provided enterprises with digital management equipment for business cards. The digitally processed data was stored in user-side computer equipment. Not only was the storage space extremely limited, but also limited storage to a single device, and network-wide resources could not be shared. The current generation of cloud technology development enables users by providing a more flexible and complete storage and resource sharing solution after digitization, which has made enhancing services a key challenge for PenPower.


The Solution:

Statistics show that about 70% of business users use Windows devices while 30% use other devices such as MacOS. PenPower wants to create a high productivity tool for enterprise hybrid operating environments. This tool has become the business card management system specially designed for enterprises. This has become PenPower’s research and development goals, and the Worldcard Team has also adopted these goals.

After careful and rigorous evaluation, the PenPower R&D team has chosen ASUSTOR's NAS series with Intel processors and upgradeable memory for the Cloud Team Edition suite. PenPower R&D Manager said: "PenPower has been providing a variety of front-end equipment for companies to digitize their collected network assets. When these important network resources are digitized, the subsequent demand is a stable and reliable storage center, and ASUSTOR NAS are top quality while backing it up with a three-year warranty. Making ASUSTOR the best partner for cloud storage equipment."

ASUSTOR’s ADM is an easy-to-learn and simple operating system that provides comprehensive management tools, a complete backup solution, and secure data protection helping to secure corporate network assets. In addition, ASUSTOR NAS has cross-platform file sharing, seamlessly connects with Windows, MacOS and Linux and other communication protocol services, and offers the convenience of remote access, which coincides with the product features of the business card cloud team making ASUSTOR an indispensible part of the product.

In view of the growing capability of the Internet, outbound business is closely integrated with mobile phone operations, and the demand for remote data access is increasing. ADM is specifically designed for easy access using ASUSTOR EZ Connect. This feature eliminates the need for enterprise network administrators. Router settings can be automatically adjusted to make remotely accessing data easier. ASUSTOR EZ Connect’s features are also available within AiData to share resources with the team.

PenPower’s R&D Manager further stated: “For us, networking with people is our lifeline, so properly keeping customer information is a basic skill that must be refined during the development process. The business card management solution consisting of the Business Card Cloud Team Suite and ASUSTOR NAS is a must-have cost-effective production tool for companies to establish a proprietary private cloud, manage customer information, and maximize the cost-effectiveness of our products."

ASUSTOR NAS advantages

  • Seamless operation
  • ASUS quality
  • Expandable RAM*
  • RAID support
  • AES-256bit encryption
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Comprehensive backup solution
  • Easy remote access
  • Three year warranty