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Company: Fantasy Travel Service Co., Ltd

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Industry: Travel and tours
  • Model: AS6404T

"The AS6404T has the stability and performance that business users care about, especially in handling multiple users while maintaining a smooth UI, compared to other NAS devices. The AS6404T does not have a steep learning curve, is very functional, quick and responsive, as well as being competitively priced. With its amazing cost to performance ratio, we sincerely recommend the AS6404T as an enterprise backup storage tool."- Fantasy Travel Service, Manager of IT Department, Angel Wu

The Challenge

Fantasy Tours has been operating in Taiwan for over 28 years, in addition to the parent company, there are six branches located across Taiwan employing more than 150 people to provide tourism services for individuals and groups. The company has a web site host database, Windows Active Directory server, SQL server and other equipment. As awareness of tourism and leisure increased, the number of people traveling abroad has also increased, and business at Fantasy Tours has also grown substantially and traffic to the increased to the website significantly. Fantasy Tours is worried that the increase of traffic to the website may crash the website so they have decided to find backup solutions for their website. To solve this temporarily, they have turned to using cloud based services offered by a local ISP to back up the website. As well as using local cloud services, they also use USB external hard drives to back up the SQL server database and company files resulting from customer data, business trips, planned tours and photos from tour leaders taking pictures on a trip. In addition, the Information Department has a storage facility with storage spaces for smaller branches as an archive center. For a number of common documents including, but not limited to lodging information for hotels across the country, vendor information, trip traffic sharing, as well as customs, airline and sightseeing board announcements, the Information Department at head office needs to establish a common file database. Branch personnel should be able to access these shared materials easily and quickly. Facing rapid growth in the use of digital information, Fantasy Tours urgently needs a flexible backup and storage solution that can be easily expanded.

The Solution

For Fantasy Tours, storage capacity and ease of access are incredibly important. To achieve this, Ms Wu selected ASUSTOR's AS6404T. Ms Wu said: "Insufficient storage capacity is a nightmare for companies, which can not only stall internal backup operations, but can even take three times as many hours to resume operations and complete backups." The AS6404T is the best choice with its Intel Apollo Lake quad-core processor, 8GB memory, high performance UI as well as four hard drive bays. The AS6404T also has multiple ports to expand hard drive capacities using the ASUSTOR AS6004U. Future expansion is now made easy by simply attaching an AS6004U as there are very few setup steps and can be increased to as many USB ports are on the NAS itself providing up to a maximum of 168TB, helping ease Ms Wu’s anticipated future anxiety when storage capacity runs low again.

Ms Wu has a lot of praise for ADM's simple UI. By simply entering the backup and restore app, a backup task can be immediately created. Whether using remote synchronization or using FTP backup to backup between servers, ASUSTOR Makes it easy to schedule backup tasks including backing up to external devices. SQL Servers can also be backed up on external hard drives. Ms Wu further stated that ASUSTOR's backup features are fully functional, and in the future, it will consider backing up the SQL Server and website databases to the AS6404T.

It is worth mentioning that, the AS6404T also provides easy remote access. Signing up for a Cloud ID account is really easy, after which, the NAS can be remotely accessed using the Cloud ID tied to that NAS. Ms Wu installed ASUSTOR EZ Connect on a manager’s laptop and mounted the folders as a network drive, allowing top executives to access confidential documents and reports even when they were away from the company on business trips. Ms Wu also took advantage of the "System Announcement" feature, which allows internal staff to access information on the AS6404T login page.

With the AS6404T’s stability, rich expansion features, a full range of backup tools, as well as its simple UI, Ms Wu was highly satisfied with ASUSTOR NAS. Manager of IT, Angel Wu said: "Compared to NAS that we have used previously, The AS6404T is really easy to use, fully featured, fast and comes at a good price. We sincerely recommend the AS6404T as an essential storage backup tool. "

ASUSTOR NAS Advantages

  • Stable read/write performance with aggregated read/write speeds of 213MB/s and 178MB/s on RAID 5
  • Easy to learn UI
  • Feature-rich
  • Backup and restore capabilities
  • Ability to use up to three NAS expansion units, providing up to 168TB of storage
  • Able to hot-swap drives and change RAID Levels
  • Easy remote connection
  • Three year warranty
  • Cost-effective