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chanchao Co.,Inc.

Company: Chan Chao International Co., LTD

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Industry: Professional Exhibition Services
  • Model: AS6404T

The Challenge:

Chan Chao, one of the largest professional exhibition companies in Taiwan, wants to increase efficiency in organizing their large-scale professional and consumer exhibitions both in and out of the country. While preparing for various international events with different counties, cities, and government associations, they send many files, documents, contracts, and even design drawings back and forth to clienteles. To share these numerous files, Chan Chao uses free cloud services which are small in size, scattered and difficult to manage. They needed to find a solution that is flexible, large and easy to use.

The Solution

Enter ASUSTOR, a leading brand of NAS and personal cloud device. For Chan Chao, ASUSTOR recommended the AS6404T. The AS6404T is a personal cloud powerhouse holding up to 4 hard drives. Powered with an Intel quad core processor, it has best-in-class read/write performance and easy to use cloud features. Chao Chan was able to install up to 48TB of space, solving all their storage space needs. With the quad core processor, the AS6404T was able to handle multiple tasks with ease. “Chan Chao’s employee base has grown by hundreds. The original backup system had been inadequate. ASUSTOR’s AS6404T is compatible with up to four of the largest hard drives on the market, addressing the needs of the company” said Mr. Jeffrey Chen, Head of IT.

Since Chan Chao provides services internationally, the free cloud services they were using to share large files and documents needed separate accounts for every customer that needed to access the shared files. This, coupled with using multiple services because of insufficient storage, required that customers and business partners needed multiple accounts just to access the files they needed. This resulted in a fragmented situation where customers and business partners frequently lost account names, passwords and even required Chan Chao to waste time maintaining the accounts instead of doing his business. To increase efficiency, they chose an ASUSTOR NAS and found that ASUSTOR’s AS6404T was able to create public and privately shared folders with individual permission settings to easily manage his task efficiently. ASUSTOR also recommended the use of Share Links to share data securely. Share Links allowed Chan Cho to set a password and/or an expiration date for more freedom in how his files were shared.

In addition, Chan Chao also found that the ASUSTOR AS6404T’s seamless integration with Windows Active Directory worked very well with their Windows-based computers in their office. As long as a NAS joined their existing domain, network administrators were able to seamlessly import accounts to the NAS with ease.

It is also worth mentioning that the ASUSTOR AS6404T has a comprehensive and complete backup program. Network administrators are able to use the scheduling features to backup data from an existing database to the NAS. Individual work from staff can also be backed up by dragging and dropping files into the NAS. Backup Plan can also be used to create either instant or scheduled stand-alone backups.

ASUSTOR AS6404T’s cloud storage solutions provides a low cost ways to upgrade your personal cloud capacity. For Chan Chao, this means being able to easily upgrade hard drives when needed. ASUSTOR makes swapping hard drives easy with its simple-to-use hot-swappable bays. This helps network administrators replace and maintain hard drives quickly while retaining low downtime. Administrators can also manage their NAS directly from their phone using AiMaster, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It provides excellent backup tools, easy file sharing, and provides the best utility for small and medium sized businesses.

Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution

  • Easy to use ADM OS
  • Seamlessly able to integrate with Windows Active Directory and ACL
  • Online Capacity Expansion
  • Easy to set access rights between different departments or user groups within a company
  • Supports mobile devices and is easier than ever to manage the NAS from mobile devices.