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SABnzbdplus asustor NAS App


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  • Developer: http://www.sabnzbd.org/
  • Maintainer: Clinton.Hall
  • Version: 20230921
  • Category: Download
  • Size: 183.07MB
  • Support model: AS6, AS70, AS50, AS51, AS2, AS3, AS10, AS61, AS62, AS31, AS32, AS63, AS64, AS40, AS52, AS53, AS65, AS71, AS66, AS11, AS33, AS67, AS54, AS11TL, AS33v2, FS67
  • Last Update: 2023-09-22


SABnzbd is an Open Source Binary Newsreader written in Python.
SABnzbd makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating everything we can.
Default Port: 8088
Auto-Updates on each restart (64 bit only. 32 bit systems are limited to version 3.5.0)
The App takes more time to complete installation, please enable the App to complete the installation if it's disabled after upgrade or installation.

What's new in this version?

V 20230921: Fix venv import to use virtualenv. Fix issues with _cffi_backend failing to import.

V 20230608: Fix install of sabctools via pip for latest version.

V 20230501: Force build of sabctools via pip.

V 20220408: Update git paths to https:// (depreciate git://). Update icons. Prevent update beyond 3.5.0 on 32 bit systems.

V 20220211: Default to Master SABnzbd branch. Force Upgrade of ENTWARE on install.

V 20220207: Fix issues with sabyenc versions. Force to always compile latest.

V 20201009: Fix startup issues where /opt doesn't have enough space on i386.

V 20200928: Change start script to return 0 on start if service running.

V 20200925: Fixed issue with sabyenc3 version.

V 20200909: Moved to Python3 support using Entware and venv.

V 20180105: Updated sabyenc to 3.3.2

V 20170815: Added default encoding and sabyenc.

V 20160415: Included sabnzbd source as start point to avoid time-out on install.

V 20160320: Switch to git repository.

V 20151007: Added ARM Support.

V 20150928: Fix Beta Upgrade issues.

V 20140701: Symlink python2.7 to python2.
Fix constant download of ffprobe.

V 20140510: Added ffmpeg and ffprobe.

V 20140421: Now runs as admin in administrators group.

V 20140410: Updated unrar to 5.10. Added fix for AppCentral Permissions.

V 20140320: Use start-stop-daemon to verify correct pid and process. Fixes failure to restart after hard shut-down of NAS.

V 20131204: Added chown of download direcotry on uninstall.
Now runs as admin using start-stop-daemon

V 20130818: Fixed OpenSSL module for 3 series.

V 20130816: Fixed folder permissions
Created repository for 32 bit.

V 20130703: Updated to ADK V2.0
Requires ADM 2.0+
Compatible with 6 series and 3 series.

V 20130127: Yet another port change. from 8080 to 8088 this time, as 8080 was already in use.

Initial release. Please report any problems experienced.

SABnzbdplus asustor NAS App