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exFAT Driver asustor NAS App

exFAT Driver


Installing the exFAT driver can allow your ASUSTOR NAS to read and write to devices that have been formatted with the exFAT file system (e.g., USB thumb drives, memory cards and external hard drives). You must purchase a software license in order to use the exFAT driver. exFAT driver licenses can be purchased from the ASUSTOR License Store. Purchased license numbers can be only used on one ASUSTOR NAS at a time but after unbinding can be transferred to another ASUSTOR NAS for use.

Why does exFAT need a license on ADM 3.5 but not on ADM 4.0?

What's new in this version?

Ver. 1.0.0.r21

- Fixed vulnerability issues about TLS validation and input validation.
Note: Please reference CVE-2019-11688 (TLS validation) and CVE-2019-11689 (input validation) by Mike Damm of red.team.

Fixed strings after inputting unlock key

- Fixed url of ASUSTOR License Store of Simplified Chinese

-Initial release

exFAT Driver asustor NAS App