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PHP 7.3 asustor NAS App

PHP 7.3


PHP 7 is an app that enables the features of PHP version 7, a general-purpose scripting language designed for web development. Download PHP 7 to host dynamic web page content on your NAS and use web hosting apps. PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.

What's new in this version?

Version: 7.3.33.r130

- Update to be compatible with ImageMagick package updated on ADM 4.0.6.RIS1.

Version: 7.3.33.r129

- Update to be compatible with Nettle package updated on ADM 4.0.6.

Version: 7.3.33.r128

- Update to be compatible with openLDAP updated on ADM 4.0.5.RWM1.

Version: 7.3.33.r126

- Update to 7.3.33 final version for PHP 7.3 to fix the security issues.

Version: 7.3.12.r122

- Fixed issue to be compatible with Nginx 1.18.0.

Version: 7.3.12.r121

- Add required libraries to support ASUSTOR Live. (x86-64 only)

Version: 7.3.12.r120

- Add BIND modules to support more features.

Version: 7.3.12.r18.4

- Update to version 7.3.12 for ADM 4.0.