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Tautulli asustor NAS App



Tautulli (Formerly known as PlexPy) is a python based web application for monitoring, analytics and notifications for Plex Media Server.

1. The app takes times to initialize after installation, please wait a moment.
2. The docker version is maintained by LinuxServer.io.

What's new in this version?

Version: 2.6.5.r01

- Update with Docker version 2.6.5.

Version: 2.5.5.r01

- Update with Docker version 2.5.5.

Version: 2.5.3.r01

- Update with Docker version 2.5.3.

Version: 2.2.4.r01

- Update with Docker version 2.2.4.

Version: 2.1.44.r01

- Update with Docker version 2.1.44.

Version: 2.1.39.r01

- New App nams and version for Plexpy.
- Initial release with Docker version 2.1.39.

Tautulli asustor NAS App