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  • ASUSTOR NAS 華芸 Power Controls

    Night Mode Scheduling

    The brightness adjustment of the LEDs on an ASUSTOR NAS can be scheduled. With Night Mode, lights can be disabled for extra power savings and better sleep if needed. LEDs can also be disabled when needed.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Night Mode Scheduling

    Fan Control and Ventilation

    ADM detects internal temperatures and dynamically adjusts fan speeds to save power while keeping the NAS cool, efficient and quiet. Devices like the Lockerstor Gen2 series are designed with ventilation holes to increase cooling performance of M.2 SSDs. This greatly improves overall cooling performance and allows the fans to spin down for added energy savings.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Fan Control and Ventilation

    80 Plus Power Supplies

    The Lockerstor 12R Pro and 16R Pro use high-end server grade 80 Plus Platinum power supplies to ensure maximum efficiency while the all-new Lockerstor 6 Gen2, Lockerstor 8, Lockerstor 10 and Lockerstor 10 Pro all come with 80 Plus Bronze power supplies to ensure that your NAS uses only the power it needs while eliminating inefficient heat generation. 80 Plus Platinum brings up to 94% power efficiency while 80 Plus Bronze brings up to 85% efficiency. 80 Plus helps you save money and be environmentally friendly.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 80 Plus Power Supplies