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ASUSTOR Data Master


  • 1. ASUSTOR recommends that you back up important data before upgrading.
  • 2. It will no longer be possible to downgrade to a previous version after installing ADM 4.0 .
  • 3. Update App Central apps after upgrading to ADM 4.0 for the best experience and maximum compatibility.

A Smoother ADM – A Smoother NAS
All-New Dark Mode Brings Aesthetics and Efficiency

ADM comes with an all-new dark mode that improves ADM aesthetics and extra efficiency when using ADM on an OLED display.


Custom Themes

ADM now includes even more custom UI themes and looks. Personalize your NAS exactly how you want it and make your NAS yours.


Customizable Login Page

ADM adds new designs to the login page. In addition to light and dark modes, there are more styles for you to choose, creating a welcoming environment every time you log into your NAS.


Brand New Search Features

The all-new UI makes searching for files and data smoother than ever before. Browse file info in real time real-time and easily preview and play multimedia files.


OpenSSL Updates – Improving Efficiency and Security

OpenSSL has been updated in ADM, bringing improved security for SAMBA connections, FTP connections, Rsync server and web servers. OpenSSL updates also bring improved performance and compatibility, ensuring that encrypted connections are both fast and safe.


Upgraded Samba – Better Performance and Time Machine Compatibility

Samba has been upgraded, improving performance and improving Time Machine compatibility making Mac backups easier than ever.


Easy-to-Use Web Server Settings – Web Center

Web Center is a new feature that enables users to easily choose the appropriate tools for set up a web server.


Btrfs Enhancements - Smooth as Butter

ADM 4.0 has been upgraded to Linux kernel 5.4 and enhances both Btrfs performance and stability. Kernel 5.4 makes data scrubbing and file self-healing even more reliable and efficient to ensure that snapshots reliably save important version data.

Available on: AS31, 32, 50, 51, 52, 53, 61, 62, 63, 64, 70, Lockerstor, Lockerstor Pro


Are You Ready to Experience The ADM 4.0?