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Brand New Interface Design Elements and Flexible Use of Desktop Space

ADM 3.0 provides a flexibly designed desktop layout that can provide an optimal configuration based on the display resolution. Furthermore, convenient App organization provided by the grouping function allows users to experience management that is very much like a tablet device.

Drag icons to group them together and create a name for the group
Drag and drop frequently used folder or files to the desktop to create shortcuts

Get the Perfect Fit on Any Display

All App windows in ADM can now be resized. The width of the internal side panels within windows can also now be adjusted. This is convenient for displaying longer file names and languages with lengthier words, ensuring that ADM can be comfortably displayed on small notebooks, big displays and everything in between.

New Desktop Advancements

Desktop Widgets for Efficient Real-Time Monitoring  
Convenient System Announcements  
ADM Online Help Assistant
Easily Keep ADM and All Apps Updated  
App Shortcuts

Comprehensive App Upgrades

All Apps will be upgraded to the new ADM 3.0 design version, featuring new functional and interface enhancements.

Storage Manager

List-type interface that is easy to understand at a glance with added overview section and support for the ASUSTOR expansion unit.

Activity Monitor

All new interface and icons let you monitor system resources in real-time.

Simplified network configurations

EZ Connect and EZ-Connect allow you to access your NAS from anywhere and at any time.

Customizable Themes

Desktop background themes can be changed according to user preferences. Users can also upload their own images to use as the desktop background. The interface font and window button colors can now also be customized for added visual comfort.

Effortless Connections to Your NAS

ADM provides easy connections by supporting a new Internet Passthrough function that helps users to simplify previously complex router configurations. Even if users with mobile devices are under local network or multi-router environments, all they need to do is upgrade their apps to the latest version and they will be able to easily connect to their NAS to access their data from anywhere and at any time. For computer users, they only need to install the new ASUSTOR EZ Connect (AEC) utility to utilize the Internet Passthrough function and conveniently connect to their NAS at home. Furthermore, they will also be use AEC to map their NAS to their computer as a network drive for convenient access.

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Software Downloads: ASUSTOR EZ Connect (Windows)

Connect to Your NAS in 3 Easy Steps


  1. Enable EZ-Connect and obtain your Cloud ID
  2. Download and install AEC
  3. Use your Cloud ID to log in


  1. Enable EZ-Connect and obtain your Cloud ID
  2. Download the latest mobile apps that support ADM 3.0
  3. Use your Cloud ID to log in

Recommended Apps for several variety use

ADM optimizes the App installation process by adding a usage option during system initialization. App Central is central to making the experience on ADM yours. Provided below are several categories of popular apps that make it easy to get started. Feel free to browse and download any one of the wide variety of apps on App Central.

Home and Personal Use:

Photo Gallery, SoundsGood, iTunes Server, UPnP Media Server, miniDLNA, PLEX, LooksGood, ASUSTOR Portal, Kodi/XBMC, Remote Center. 

Business Use:

Avast Anti-Virus, DataSync for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Syslog Server.


Are You Ready to Experience The ADM 3.0?