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Linux Kernel Upgraded to Version 4.4.24

The ADM 2.7 introduces  the latest Linux kernel version (4.4.24) which strengthens system security and operation stability. It also enhances graphics engine performance by accelerating multimedia conversion speeds and increasing playback smoothness.

*The Linux kernel upgrade is only available on the following series: AS31 / AS32 / AS50 / AS51 / AS61 / AS62 / AS63 / AS64 / AS70. The kernel upgrade will not be available on other series devices due to hardware limitations.


EZ Connect

This function which automatically helps users to easily configure port forwarding services no matter if they are new to NAS or an IT professional. Once a user's Cloud ID has been enabled on an ASUSTOR NAS device, the EZ-Router* service will automatically be enabled in order to complete all port forwarding configurations. Furthermore, during the installation of Apps, any associated port forwarding configurations can also be automatically completed. The manual connection is still provided for users who require the flexibility to configure their own customized settings.
EZ-Router: Please check the compatibility table


Autonomous Firmware and App Updates

When system resource use is maximized, executing system updates may affect system operation efficiency. ASUSTOR provides flexible scheduling that allows administrators to schedule firmware version checks and updates during appropriate times in order to avoid high system loading or busy network traffic. Also, new update settings have also been added to App Central. App Central can now check for ADM and App version compatibility and then proceed to automatically update Apps. Updates can also be scheduled for times when the system resource requirements are low.


Heterogeneous Data Sharing via CIFS Shared Folders

This new feature allows administrators to take client-side (Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS) folders and seamlessly mount them to ADM File Explorer. This makes it easy for administrators to quickly share files with specified users while also being able to maintain access security with configurable individual access permissions to mounted folders.


PPPoE Broadband Connection Service

With this function, users can directly get the IP distributed by their ISP to execute dial up connections via their NAS. With regards to users with closed network environments, this helps them to avoid having to make associated router configurations. It is recommended that users combine the use of this function with ASUSTOR's Multi-LayeredProtection Plan*.


ASUSTOR Multi-Layered Protection Plan

A multi-layered approach to security provides active protection for users' network, system and data.


The first layer of protection

Targets external network security. ADM's firewall and ADM Defender, protect the system against malicious attacks from the Internet.

The second layer of protection

Provides secure system connections via features such as encrypted VPN connections (IPSec/L2TP), SSL certificate connections and the automatic logout mechanism. Also provided are functions for individual user security which include 2-step verification and individual access permissions for folders, files and Apps.

The third layer of protection

Targets the NAS's internal data and includes features such as MyArchive cold backups, AES 256-bit encryption and antivirus software that works to quarantine Trojan horse infections.


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