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Record only when you need to

Surveillance Center offers you a variety of recording options. No matter if you need scheduled continuous recording or recording only when certain events occur, Surveillance Center is sure to satisfy your needs. Surveillance Center's various recording modes are listed below: 

  • Manual Recording: While viewing a live feed, you can click on the record button at any time to begin or stop recording. In the event that you do not stop your recording, Surveillance Center will record until your designated recording quota has been reached. 
  • Continuous or Scheduled Recording: Whether you require 24/7 continuous recording or recording only during a specific time, Surveillance Center can get the job done ensuring that you never miss any critical moments. 
  • Motion Trigger Recording: In the event that any motion is detected in the surveilled environment, Surveillance Center will immediately begin recording, allowing you to save significant space on your hard disks and ensuring that you never miss any critical moments. 
  • Alarm Trigger Recording: Triggering recording via a camera's alarm mechanism allows you to precisely record all critical events. Not only does this save space on your hard disks but also lowers the amount of reading and writing on your hard disks, prolonging their life. 
  • Motion Trigger and Alarm Trigger Recording: This mode combines motion trigger and alarm trigger recording. If either mode is triggered, recording will begin immediately. This is a comprehensive recording mode that ensures you will never miss any critical moments.

Asustor NAS 華芸 Record only when you need to

A breeze to use

Worried about a complicated playback interface?

Surveillance Center will change your mind! With its intuitive time axis and flexible switching between synchronous and asynchronous playback, Surveillance Center allows you to easily view recordings from the time period you require.

Asustor NAS 華芸 A breeze to use

Smart search (IVA)

Having problems finding critical recordings from amongst mountains of recording data? The smart search function provided by Surveillance Center helps you to search for clues from amongst all recorded videos in order to help you quickly and efficiently find critical events.

Motion detection

Detects whether or not there is motion in a specified area.

Foreign object

Detects whether or not a foreign object appears in a specified area.

Missing object

Detects whether or not an object has been moved or removed from a specified area allowing you to quickly analyze and find the reason behind important missing objects.

Cold Backup Solution with Unlimited Capacity Expansion

You can schedule backups of recording files to MyArchive hard disks, freeing up storage space for online recordings. When you need to play back recordings, you can mount recordings from MyArchive hard disks to Surveillance Center and then quickly search and play back the recordings you need.

Asustor NAS 華芸 Cold Backup Solution with Unlimited Capacity Expansion