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Effortlessly create a cloud server for storage and backup
Da-Jia Dental Clinic has been in operation for 12 years since 2003. With the increasing digitization of patient related information, a cost-effective and stable digital storage solution was needed.“In the wake of technological advancements, x-ray files have become digitized while increases in patient volume have significantly increased storage requirements for their files,” said Dr. Wu Li-De, owner and head dentist at the clinic. “In the past we have sought the services of system integrators, but due to rising costs we began to assess the feasibility of a NAS solution.” After much analysis and consideration, Dr. Wu decided on using an ASUSTOR NAS. The key reasons for his decision were the simple and intuitive user interface (easy for him and his staff to use) and the ability to add additional functions via ASUSTOR’s App Central app repository.

“We chose the AS-602T model because its 2 disk-bays gives us a configuration that allows for optimal data protection (RAID 1),” adds Dr. Wu. “With this configuration, when data is saved to the device, another backup copy is automatically created, removing the need to manually configure a separate backup. This is very convenient.”

With ASUSTOR NAS users only need to initialize the device and then enable the services they wish to use from the settings and services menus to begin enjoying convenient access to the NAS. In a dental clinic setting, the NAS can also be used to quickly transfer patient data to other clinics or hospitals via FTP or emailed Share Links. This is much more convenient than traditional mail and can save both patients and doctors a lot of time.
Can also be used to create a surveillance system
Another reason Dr. Wu chose ASUSTOR NAS is because of his clinic’s need for a surveillance system. ASUSTOR NAS products offer an optimal price to performance ratio and can be used as surveillance system in addition to the basic storage and backup functions. Users can download the free Surveillance Center App from ASUSTOR’s App Central to receive 4 free camera channels and enjoy compatibility with the majority of world renowned IP camera brands. This should be more than adequate in smaller scale environments such as dental clinics. At the Da-Jia Dental Clinic, two cameras have been set up to monitor patient traffic. As patients frequently leave their belongings behind in the waiting area, the surveillance recordings can be conveniently played back to quickly identify the owner of any items.
Key Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution:
  • In an environment with extremely limited management staff, ASUSTOR’s AS-602T has provided the Da-Jia Dental Clinic with great value at a great price, allowing Dr. Wu to create a private data storage server and surveillance system that is within budget.
  • Scheduled system upgrades maintain stability and provide an optimal user experience.
  • Use of dedicated mobile apps such as AiSecure and AiMaster. AiSecure lets you monitor surveillance feeds from the convenience of your mobile device while AiMaster lets you manage your device configurations and settings all without having to use a computer.