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M.2 SSDs vary widely in construction, cooling, size between brands, and product lines. Please refer to the compatibility list below to find out if an SSD needs heatsinks.

  • Flashstor, AS-T10G3:
    • Please install ASUSTOR heatsinks by ASUSTOR. (Click here to purchase)
  • Lockerstor Gen2 (AS67), AS54:
    • Please install a commercially available heatsink with a size below 70x22x4.5 mm and must be installed on the obverse of the SSD.

I want to report a compatible device.

Last Update: 2023-09-21
Brand Type Model Size Class SSD Series NAS Series M.2 SSD Heatsinks Remark
Apacer NVMe AP1TBAS2280P4 1 TB Consumer AS2280P4 AS 70 - Show
Brand Description
  • Model: AP1TBAS2280P4
  • Type: NVMe
  • Size: 1 TB
  • Class: AS2280P4
  • Class: Consumer
  • NAS Series: AS 70
  • Remark: ADM 3.4.3 or later