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28 Awards
Replace an HS disk in an Asustor NAS asustor NAS


Replace an HS disk in an Asustor NAS

"I have in fact a hard drive that disfuctioned and so I had to replace it. Do not panic, being a RAID5 type volume I lost no data. Here's what to do if you experience the same HS disk drive in your NAS. More » "

JusteGeek, France 2019-08
ASUSTOR AS4004T 10GbE NAS Review asustor NAS


ASUSTOR AS4004T 10GbE NAS Review

"We can easily recommend the AS4004T for any photographer, videographer or content creator looking for a single quad bay, fast and cost-effective 10GBe NAS solution. It will even work fine for two simultaneous editors although we can’t really vague for more than that in a professional environment i ... More » "

LensVid, US 2019-08
Rating: 8.2/10 asustor NAS


Rating: 8.2/10

"With four bays, the AS4004T, unveiled by Asustor, is changing the game by offering a 10Gbit / s Ethernet socket.  More » "

01Net, France 2019-07
Bang For Buck Award asustor NAS


Bang For Buck Award

"We’ve finally reached a point in time which I’ve been looking forward to in a long time: affordable multi-gigabit networking. Recently, ASUSTOR released the AS4004T which is a 4-bay NAS which is both affordable and comes with built-in 10GbE. More » "

eTeknix, UK 2019-06
ASUSTOR AS4004T 4-bay NAS Review asustor NAS


ASUSTOR AS4004T 4-bay NAS Review

"AS4004T is a compact 4-bay NAS that sits under the company’s ‘Home to Power User’ banner and features a 1.6GHz processor, DDR4 memory and a 10GbE RJ45 port. It also sports Asustor’s latest diamond cut exterior finish. Is it worth the £340 asking price? More » "

KitGuru, UK 2019-06
Mainstreaming 10GbE in to your home asustor NAS


Mainstreaming 10GbE in to your home

"AS4004T is a four-bay Network Attached Storage device that is 10Gbps ready and backward compatible with 1Gbps networks. This NAS is powered by Marvel Armada 7K Dual-Core Processor and has 2GB of DDR4 RAM by Toshiba. More » "

Modders, US 2019-05
Asustor AS4004T, 10Gbit Ethernet and many features asustor NAS


Asustor AS4004T, 10Gbit Ethernet and many features

"Storing a large amount of data is no longer just a business issue; some users passionate about shooting, photos and more feel more than ever the need for a large and safe space to store TB and TB of material. The NAS, AS4004T, in many cases, may be the ideal solution. More » "

Hardware Upgrade, Italy 2019-04
Cost effective ASUSTOR NAS asustor NAS


Cost effective ASUSTOR NAS

"The AS4004T comes in a four-compartment design with great equipment, aboard a cost-effective SoC unit.  All in all, the NAS in question can be a good choice if you want to upgrade to a 10 GbE train cost-effectively.  More » "

iPon, Hungary 2019-04
Golden Award asustor NAS


Golden Award

"Overall, we were pleased with the performance and features of the AS4004T and although that’s enough for us to give it our Golden Award unless you plan on moving to 10GbE sometime in the near future (or you already own the needed equipment) one of the more “affordable” ASUSTOR models could be ... More » "

NikkTech, US 2019-03
AS4004T - An affordable 10Gigabit NAS asustor NAS


AS4004T - An affordable 10Gigabit NAS

"For a home user, ASUSTOR AS4004T is a powerful, silent, easy-to-configure NAS that delivers great performance for classical tasks, such as back-up, multimedia, etc. Advantage, besides speed in Gigabit, is the ability to use the NAS in a 10Gigabit network, in which case we can use the NAS as a workin ... More » "

Lab501, Romania 2019-03
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"ASUSTOR AS4004T NAS Box - Low on Budget, High on Performance. ASUSTOR has done a brilliant job with the AS4004T, making it an all rounder offering rich features and to the point performance along with a future proof 10GbE interface all at an affordable price tag. A must buy in its price range! More » "

Computers and More, India 2019-02
Value Award   asustor NAS


Value Award

"Asustor’s 4-bay AS4004T is remarkably good value as it offers an integral 10GBaseT port at a price no other vendor can match. Its basic Marvell CPU means overall 10GbE performance is average and memory can’t be upgraded but the latest ADM software offers a good range of features including plenty ... More » "

Simply.reviews, US 2019-01
The story of ASUSTOR asustor NAS


The story of ASUSTOR

"Overall, the way the two NASs work is a strong indicator of the mass adoption of this system by home users. A friendly point price, a set of more than generous features and a minimalist and attractive design make ASUSTOR a serious competitor on network storage solutions More » "

TUDOROIU, Romania 2019-01
Recommended Award asustor NAS


Recommended Award

"ASUSTOR build a perfect solution for users looking for a low-cost storage system without the expense of bells and whistles not everyone requires. More » "

TweakTown, US 2018-12
ASUSTOR AS4004T: Fast and powerful NAS for home and business asustor NAS


ASUSTOR AS4004T: Fast and powerful NAS for home and business

"ASUSTOR has developed an interesting model series AS40, which we can recommend to medium-sized businesses, especially in the case of 4-wheel AS4000T. The smaller 2-disk version of the AS4002T then finds its application in homes, providing a performance reserve for many years to come. More » "

Alza, Czech 2018-11
Test of ASUSTOR AS4004T - a versatile gifted NAS asustor NAS


Test of ASUSTOR AS4004T - a versatile gifted NAS

"ASUSTOR AS4004T is a successful construction, both in terms of technical specification, performance and available services. More » "

Dobreprogramy, Poland 2018-11
Recommended and design award asustor NAS


Recommended and design award

"ASUSTOR AS4004T is a very functional device. It has rich software that allows a lot of different possibilities. More » "

WhatNext, Poland 2018-11
Video review asustor NAS


Video review

"ASUSTOR: AS4004T NAS Overview: User Friendly Software & Good Hardware More » "

Tek Syndicate, US 2018-10
Video Review asustor NAS


Video Review

"ASUSTOR AS4004T Affordable Four Bay NAS Review: Unbelievable Convenience More » "

Villanov, Russia 2018-09
Review ASUSTOR AS4004T asustor NAS


Review ASUSTOR AS4004T

"How to buy a four bay NAS and wisely? More » "

Zen.Yandex , Russia 2018-09
Best Buy Award asustor NAS


Best Buy Award

"Asustor AS4004T Affordable Four-Bay NAS Overview: 10 Gigabyte Silence More » "

Vilianov, Russia 2018-09
Silver Award of TestPilot asustor NAS


Silver Award of TestPilot

"Even though we ignore 10 Gigabit test, the ASUSTOR AS4004T is a good NAS. It comes with almost everything I expect from a modern NAS device and at a good price of around $ 500 at the time of the test. A quick look at the competition shows that it's a really good price for an NAS that seats four ... More » "

Sweclockers, Sweden 2018-09
Product intro: ASUSTOR AS4004T, your personal home data cloud asustor NAS


Product intro: ASUSTOR AS4004T, your personal home data cloud

"It combines speed, low cost, high economy and extra features. It makes it easy to create a large digital field for your information. It can also be transformed into a comfortable cloud space thanks to its large range of applications. More » "

HiComm, Bulgaria 2018-09
Review: ASUSTOR AS4004T A Fast and Affordable 10GbE 4-Bay NAS asustor NAS


Review: ASUSTOR AS4004T A Fast and Affordable 10GbE 4-Bay NAS

"The ASUSTOR AS4004T is a NAS on a mission: provide the lowest cost 10GbE 4-bay network attached storage on the market, and make it easy to use and integrate into SMB office and SOHO networks. More » "

Server The Home, US 2018-09
Video review: recommended NAS asustor NAS


Video review: recommended NAS

"Here is something that in the NAS world represents such good value for money, that I really couldn't fault the AS4000T for anything... The implementation of the UI, the features, the speeds, the consistency, the build quality, the hot swap bays, the automatic plug and play and extra features like ma ... More » "

Tech Yes City, Australia 2018-09
ASUSTOR AS4004T 4 Bay 10GbE NAS Reviewed asustor NAS


ASUSTOR AS4004T 4 Bay 10GbE NAS Reviewed

"If you're looking for a top performing 4-bay NAS, the ASUSTOR offers the best performance as compared to other Gigabit NASes.  More » "

SmallNetBuilder, US 2018-09
Best Buy Award asustor NAS


Best Buy Award

"A review of the affordable four-disk NAS Asustor AS4004T: 10-gigabit silence. This is a new NAS, that has the optimal (and even advanced in places) functionality and combined with a reasonable price.  More » "

Сергей Вильянов, Russia 2018-09
Recommended Award asustor NAS


Recommended Award

"In the end, we feel the AS4004T could have used a faster processor, but it is fast enough to impress us. At these introduction prices and combined with excellent power efficiency and a massive software feature set these units are incredibly attractive. Centralized storage guys, in its best form. And ... More » "

Guru3D, US 2018-08