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Media Review

13 Awards
Review asustor NAS

Fonearena, India



"On the whole, the interface is neat, responsive and provides smooth user experience as well. And the best part here is that you can run multiple apps at the same time and most app launches almost instantly. "

Asustor AS4002T file server review asustor NAS

Blogotech, Poland


Asustor AS4002T file server review

"AS4002T offers a lot and certainly not one of its owners will be happy with it.   I would like to dedicate it to small and medium-sized businesses rather than home users who simply do not take advantage of its full potential. "

Editor’s Choice award asustor NAS

Techgage, US


Editor’s Choice award

"There’s a lot to consider when buying a NAS, and that journey begins with identifying what your needs are.  If it’s fast network addressable storage at a fair price, look no further than the AS4002T.  If it’s the software that sits on top of a NAS, there’s a very good chance that A ... "

Preis-leistung Thumb Up Award asustor NAS

HardwareLUXX, Germany


Preis-leistung Thumb Up Award

"Solid and affordable 2-bay NAS with the unique selling point of a 10GBase-T interface. "

Review: Well-Rounded Home NAS asustor NAS

PCmag, US


Review: Well-Rounded Home NAS

"The ASUSTOR AS4002T is a feature-packed dual-drive NAS that performs well and is easy to install and configure. "

Review asustor NAS

КомпьютерПресс , Russia



"ASUSTOR AS4002T Home Network Storage "

Test ASUSTOR AS4002T - Network drive for everyone asustor NAS

Dobreprogramy, Poland


Test ASUSTOR AS4002T - Network drive for everyone

"ASUSTOR AS4002T is a small network drive designed for home use, but also successfully fulfills its task in the office. It will serve not only as an archive of files, FTP server or allow you to set up your own website, but also complement the monitoring system.  "

AS4002T review asustor NAS

WhatNext, Poland


AS4002T review

"The AS4002T NAS looks great and presents great performance. If you can use the 10 GbE connector, you will still gain in performance. The server has a very good system and a mobile application.  "

Excellent Choice Award asustor NAS

Hardware.Info, Netherlands


Excellent Choice Award

"ASUSTOR AS4002T costs you an average of 279 euros, which makes it the cheapest participant in the tests after the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. You will receive a well-performing NAS, especially in NASPT's field tests, with both two gigabit Ethernet ports and USB 3.0 connections. Finally, the existing 10 g ... "

Gold Award asustor NAS

IT-Connect, France


Gold Award

"This NAS is cut for data flow management: whether it is for the transfer of large files, greedy network flows, such as video surveillance or simple as a file storage space in the company, it will meet the demand! It is responsive and very well equipped with Ethernet connectors. "

AS4002T Review asustor NAS

APH Networks, Canada


AS4002T Review

"The ASUSTOR AS4002T is a very reasonably priced NAS that comes with a speedy 10GbE network adapter. "

Best Buy Award asustor NAS

Komputer, Czech


Best Buy Award

"The cheapest 10 Gb/s NAS for demanding household or a small business. "

Recommended Award asustor NAS

PC & Tech Authority, Australia


Recommended Award

"The ASUSTOR AS4002T excels as a no frills storage solution. If you’re looking for fast affordable networked storage, this is as good as it gets. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some units, but if you’re looking for a unit that fulfils its role as network attached storage then the AS4 ... "