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NAS 231

Using Remote with iTunes Server

A course about using the Remote app to stream and play music from your NAS.


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
1.Have a basic understanding of the Remote app.
2.Be able to use Remote to stream and play music from your ASUSTOR NAS

Course Prerequisites:
NAS 165: Introduction to iTunes Server
Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:
iTunes, iTunes Server and iOS

1. Introduction to Remote
1.1 Introduction to Remote
2. Using Remote

2.1 Playing music using Remote

1. Introduction to Remote

1.1 Introduction to Remote

Remote is a software application available for iOS that can be used with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Once installed on your mobile device, you can use Remote to control and play your music with ASUSTOR iTunes Server. Remote can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. For more information about Remote and its features please see: http://www.apple.com/itunes/remote

Note: Remote operates using your mobile device’s Wi-Fi function. Therefore, you must have your mobile device, ASUSTOR NAS and a wireless router all on the same network in order to be able to use Remote with iTunes Server.

2. Using Remote
2.1 Playing music using Remote
In the following example we will show you how to use Remote to control iTunes Server to play and stream music from an ASUSTOR NAS.

ü Open Remote on your mobile device and then select [Add a Device].

ü Make sure to remember the name for your device and the passcode as shown in the graphic below.

Open iTunes Server on your NAS and double-click on the name of your mobile device from the iOS Remote list. The Pair with iOS Remote window will now appear. Enter your passcode and then click [OK].

ü The pairing process should only take a couple of seconds. Afterwards, Remote should immediately display the name of your iTunes Server library.
ü You will now be able to use Remote to browse through your iTunes Server library and select content that you want to play.

ü You can choose to play your music directly from your NAS (using an HDMI compatible device or USB speakers) or through any AirPlay compatible devices on the network.

1. If you find that Remote doesn't display the name of your iTunes Server library, then the pairing process has failed. Failure might be due to invalid characters in the device name. Please use some simpler words for your iTunes Server library name and try again.
2. If you still cannot successfully pair your device, please re-enable the iTunes Server App on the NAS. The following instructions will explain how to do this.
a. Open App Central
b. Click on the iTunes Server icon.

c. The About This App window will appear. Click on the [Disable] button and then click again on the [Enable] button to re-enable iTunes Server.

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