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NAS 206

Using NAS with Windows Active Directory

Connect your NAS to a Windows Active Directory domain



Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  1. Have a basic understanding of Windows Active Directory.
  2. Be able to connect an ASUSTOR NAS to a Windows Active Directory domain.


Course Prerequisites:

Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:
Microsoft Windows


1. Introduction to Windows Active Directory

Windows Active Directory (hereafter referred to as “AD”) is a directory service created by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. After successfully adding your NAS to your AD domain, you can then configure access rights using the Domain Users, Domain Groups and Shared Folders settings found in the Access Control system App. AD users can then use their own AD accounts to log in to and access the NAS. ASUSTOR NAS can support up to 500,000 AD domain records.

2. Adding NAS to a Windows AD domain

In order to connect your ASUSTOR NAS to your Windows AD domain you will need the following pieces of information from your AD server:

  • Domain Name
  • Domain DNS Server
  • AD Server Name
  • Domain NetBIOS Name

In the following example we will show you how to obtain these pieces of information from a Windows AD server and then use them to connect a NAS to a Windows AD domain.

Note: Your Domain DNS Server is the DNS sever that is used for your Active Directory. If you are unsure about what the IP address for your Domain DNS Server is, please contact your system administrator.

2.1 Getting Information from the AD server


  • In your Windows AD server double-click on [Computer].


  • Then click on [System properties].


The system screen should now appear. You should be able to find your AD Server Name and Domain Name on this screen. Please see the graphic below:

  • A. = AD Server Name
  • B. = Domain Name


  • Now select [Start] [Programs] [Administrative Tools] [Server Manager].


  • In the left hand panel navigate to [Roles] [Active Directory Domain Services] [Active Directory Users and Computers]. Right click on your domain and then select [Properties].


In the Properties dialog box you should be able to find your Domain NetBIOS Name. Please see the graphic below:

  • C. = Domain NetBIOS Name

2.2 Connecting the NAS to the AD domain


  • In ADM select [Access Control] [AD/LDAP]. And then under the Active Directory tab click on [Join Domain].


  • The Join Active Directory window will now appear.
  • Use the information "B" that you obtained in the previous section to fill out the required fields.


  • Enter the administrator username and password for your AD server and then click [Finish].


  • You should now be successfully connected to your AD domain.

2.3 Managing AD domain users and groups

Once you have successfully added your NAS to the AD domain you will be able to manage the access rights for AD domain users and groups. You can do this by selecting [Access Control] [ Domain Users] or [Domain Groups].

  • Click on icon will connect to the AD server and update the user/group list.

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