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NAS 163

Using a Xiaomi Webcam with an ASUSTOR NAS

Learn how to connect and use your Xiaomi webcam on an ASUSTOR NAS.



Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

1. Save videos to an ASUSTOR NAS.

2. Use ADM to automatically convert Xiaomi videos.



Course Prerequisites:


Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:




1. Saving images from a webcam on an ASUSTOR NAS
2. Playing Back Mi Videos
3. Summary


1. Saving images from a webcam on an ASUSTOR NAS

Step 1
Confirm whether the SD card is inserted in the camera.

Step 2
Ensure SAMBA is enabled in ADM. 




Step 3:
Open Mi Home

▲Open Xiaomi Camera – Open settings, found on the top right → Click Manage storage → NAS network storage → select your NAS → enter the account and password to complete the login.



Select a folder to set a location to save videos.

▲Select a folder and complete the connection between the Mi camera and the NAS


Return to ADM to confirm the connection.  ▲Open File Explorer → Select the folder where Xiaomi videos are stored and check for a folder named xiaomi_camera_videos.


2. Playing Back Mi Videos

The codec Xiaomi uses is proprietary and needs to be converted to a playable format. 

▲Open App Central and download LooksGood.


Method 1: Directly clicking on a video in File Explorer to directly convert and play.

▲Open the File Explorer and open the folder where the video is stored. Right-click and preview it in a new tab. LooksGood must be downloaded before using this method. 

▲In a new tab, the NAS will directly convert the video to a playable format.



Method 2: Automatically converting files through LooksGood

Step 1
Open LooksGood and select a folder to save converted videos. 

▲Open LooksGood, click on Settings, click Multimedia Converter and select the folder to save conversions in. It is recommended to choose a new folder to avoid mixing converted files with originals to make it more convenient.



Step 2
Turning on automatic conversion

▲Click Multimedia Converter, click Smart Folder and add xiaomi_camera_videos. Videos will be converted automatically as they are added. 


▲Choose a video quality.


▲Clicking on Tasks shows the progression of conversion.



Step 3
play back video

▲Open the folder containing converted videos and select a video to play.




3. Summary

Step 1: Insert an SD card into a Xiaomi camera.

Step 2: Connect to a NAS using Mi Home.

Step 3: Install LooksGood to enable video conversion.

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