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NAS 138

Introduction to LooksGood

Use LooksGood to play and manage videos



Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  1. Understand the basic functions of LooksGood.
  2. Use LooksGood to play and manage videos.


Course Prerequisites:

Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:


1. Install LooksGood

In order to stream videos from your NAS, you will need to install LooksGood from ADM's App Central.

Step 1

  • Using your Web browser, log in to ADM using an administrator account.
  • Select [App Central] [ASUSTOR Apps].
  • Click on [LooksGood] and then click on [Install].

Step 2

  • Locate the [LooksGood] icon in the ADM desktop and click on it to open LooksGood.
  • Please log in with an ADM administrator account. All administrators have the permission to use LooksGood.

2. Smart Video Management

Features three main built-in video library categories: Movies, TV Shows, and Home Videos. When you import videos from LooksGood, it will automatically search for video information from TMDB.

Step 1

  • Click button below to create indexed folders for your videos.

Step 2

  • Add new index folder.
  • Please configure the index language and database viewing/editing permissions.

Step 3

  • After clicking on apply, indexing will begin immediately.
  • Searching for information about movies or TV shows. This may take a few minutes.

2.1 Movies / Home Videos


1. Edit Video Information 2. Add to My Favorite 3. Media Information
4. Cast to 5. Add to Playlist 6. Create Share Link

Note: The thumbnail of the video will be marked with if the video information cannot be successfully obtained through the file name. Please use "Edit Video Information" to search for and update video information.

2.2 TV Shows


1. Add to My Favorite 2. Media Information 3. Play
4. Edit Video Information 5. Cast to 6. Add to Playlist 7. Create Share Link

2.3 Video Playlists

You can add and organize different types of videos from different media libraries into a simple-to-use playlist as well as being able to edit the playback order.

2.4 Media Explorer

Media Explorer uses a familiar file directory structure to display files allowing you to quickly find videos and images stored on your NAS.

The basic functions of the Media Explorer interface are illustrated in the graphic below:

  1. Return to home directory (shared folder level)
  2. File path. You can click on this to quickly change folders.
  3. Select this to view video files only
  4. Change between list and thumbnail views
  5. Select files and play videos
  6. Set as Smart Folder
  7. Show video and image information

2.5 Edit Video Information

  • Search Internet

  • Select from existing videos

  • Manual Editing

3. Media Player Introduction

3.1 Play

After clicking on a video file that you want to play, a new tab will open to play the video. The functions for the player are described below.

Play Pause Volume Control Full Screen Cast

The following icons will appear if the system detects that they are supported by the video:

Subtitles (If there are subtitles available, this will automatically appear)
Audio Channels (If there are multiple audio channels available, this will appear automatically)
Playback Resolution (If stream transcoding is supported, this will appear automatically)

Note: The videos with Dolby or DTS audio codec are not supported. Please select other audio channels to play if there are multiple audio channels available.

3.2 Cast

With just one touch you can stream videos from your NAS to Chromecast and DLNA. Get ready to enjoy your multimedia collection on a big screen TV with your friends and family.

4. Create Share Links for Videos

Share videos by sharing links to your friends and family. Viewing share links does not require creating an account on your NAS and there is no need to download any videos. Shared videos can be streamed directly through a web browser. LooksGood also provides Share Link Manager to manage all share links you've created, allowing you delete, add new links, or extend the expiration date of your share links helping you make your videos easier to share.

5. Allows ADM users to use LooksGood

Through the following steps, you can allow other users of ADM to use LooksGood, and allow users view or edit videos in Movies, TV Shows, and Home Videos via LooksGood or AiVideos.

Step 1

Set up access right to allow ADM users to use LooksGood.

Note: All administrators have the same permissions as the original admin account by default.

  • Click [Access Control] [App Privileges] in ADM desktop.
  • Select "LooksGood" and then click [Edit].
  • Select ADM users to grant access right for LooksGood.

Step 2

Set up the library permissions for ADM users in LooksGood.

  • Launch LooksGood and then click [Settings] [Library].
  • Select the corresponding permission icon for Movies / TV Shows / Home Videos.
  • Grant "View" permission for users to watch the videos in this library.

6. Appendix

  • LooksGood can only execute one streaming task at a time.
  • Formats supported by LooksGood are as follows:
Supported Web Browsers Windows Edge / Chrome / Firefox & Mac Safari
Supported Video Formats 3GP, 3G2, ASF, WMV, AVI, FLV, F4V, MKV, WEBM, MOV, MPG, MPEG, M1V, DAT, TS, M2T, M2TS, MTS, MP4, M4V, OGG, OGV, RM, VOB, WMA, MKA, M4A, RA, RAM, RMVB
Supported Video Codecs H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), MPEG-2, VC-1
Supported External Subtitle Formats (UTF-8) srt, ass, ssa, vtt, sami(smi)
Supported Image Formats jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, gif, tif
Hardware Transcoding Support AS11, AS33, AS31/32, AS50/51, AS52/53, AS61/62, AS63/64, AS66, AS67, AS70


  • Dolby or DTS audio codec are not supported.
  • After upgrading to ADM 4.0, USB TV dongles will no longer be supported.

  • EZ-Router WAN Connection Ports for LooksGood and AiVideos
Type Port Protocol
LooksGood 9900~9908 TCP/UDP
AiVideos 9900 TCP/UDP

Note: If you are using Firefox and connecting with an HTTPS connection, please click here for proper configuration.

  • Connecting to your NAS using Ezconnect.to relay connections means that speeds will be slower and the ability to download will be limited. LooksGood cannot be used on this connection mode. You will see the web relay forbidden red icon on LooksGood icon.

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