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NAS 112

Introduction to Wake on WAN - WoW

Understanding how to use Wake on WAN on an ASUSTOR NAS


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

Understand and use Wake on WAN, also referred to as WoW, on an ASUSTOR NAS



Course Prerequisites:


Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:


1. Which ASUSTOR NAS models support WoW?


FAQ: What are the limitations of WoW?

2. What is Wake on WAN?

WoW allows you to wake up NAS from an external location through the internet. It provides extra control, data access, data protection, hardware longevity and power savings.

3. How to use ASUSTOR Wake on WAN
Wake on WAN does not require special equipment to use. Use ASUSTOR’s mobile apps like AiMaster, AiFoto 3, AiMusic and AiData to turn the NAS on or off when needed. On desktop, use ASUSTOR EZ Connect to turn the NAS on or off through the internet.
3.1 Waking up your NAS with your phone.
Wake on WAN is currently supported by: AiMaster, AiFoto 3, AiMusic, AiData, AiDownload and AiSecure 2 for Android.
AiMaster                      AiFoto3                       AiMusic

AiData                         AiDownload                 AiSecure 2

Waking your NAS is easy and the process is similar across all ASUSTOR apps.
Download and install AiMaster.
Before using AiMaster to wake up your NAS, please ensure that you have logged in to your NAS using AiMaster and have added it to the server list. Log in to ADM to turn off your NAS or put it to sleep.
Find your NAS in AiMaster. Press the clock icon on the right and press OK to wake up your NAS.

Refer to the pictures below for guidance on waking your NAS in iOS.
AiMaster/AiMusic/ AiData




3.2 Using ASUSTOR EZ Connect to wake your NAS
Download and install ASUSTOR EZ Connect
Before using AEC to wake up your NAS, please ensure that you have logged into your NAS using ASUSTOR EZ Connect and have added it to the list. Then, log into ADM to turn off the NAS or put it to sleep.
To wake your NAS using ASUSTOR EZ Connect, click on the wake button from the top of the window or to the right of a listed NAS connection. After the NAS has been powered on, it may take time to completely boot up.

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