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2024-05-23 Ryzen Up to the Challenge at Computex 2024!
2024-05-10 ASUSTOR Invites You to Computex 2024
2024-04-25 ASUSTOR Releases ADM 4.3 – The Data Security Update
2024-04-11 World Backup Day Raises Awareness of Data Security
2024-03-28 Easily Edit Adobe Premiere Videos in 4K with Your Flashstor 12 Pro
2024-03-14 Saving Power with ASUSTOR
2024-02-29 The NAS for Everyone – The Drivestor 2 Lite and Drivestor Pro Gen2 Series are Here
2024-02-15 ASUSTOR Makes Zoltan Batky’s Work Efficient!
2024-02-01 DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN – What’s the Difference?
2024-01-18 New Year – New You – New Security Plan
2024-01-04 WORM – Write Once – Read Many – Always Protected
2023-12-20 ASUSTOR NAS - Preview Public Relation's Comprehensive Storage Solution
2023-12-07 Don’t Trust Anything!
2023-11-23 Fully Control Your Gaming with ASUSTOR
2023-11-09 Using Rsync 1-to-1 Backup to Safely Back Up Data
2023-10-26 Setting Up a Network Printer on Your ASUSTOR NAS
2023-10-12 Using SMB to Back Up your Data
2023-09-28 The Xpanstor 4 - A new choice for expanding ASUSTOR NAS capacity!
2023-09-14 Protect your data in ASUSTOR NAS with RAID
2023-08-31 Lockerstor 4 Gen2 - A good helper to expand the world map of A2Z Paint Engineering Company
2023-08-17 ADM File Explorer – File Management Made Easy
2023-08-03 The AS54 Series is Here!
2023-07-20 Learning How to Protect Your NAS
2023-07-06 ASUSTOR – Protecting your Home and Office
2023-06-22 ADM 4.2.2 is here!
2023-06-08 Computex 2023 ASUSTOR Booth Quick Tour
2023-05-25 The Flashstor Series – Fast – Efficient - Silent
2023-05-11 ASUSTOR Welcomes You Back to Computex! Come Visit us for a NAStastic Experience!
2023-04-27 Matthew S Shows You the Number 1 Tool for Efficient Music Production The AS5304T
2023-04-13 Flash + Fast = The AS-T10G3 Brings No Compromises
2023-03-30 With AiFoto 3, Your Photos are a Click Away!
2023-03-16 AiVideos – Taking the Theater with You
2023-03-02 ASUSTOR NAS + Adobe Creative Cloud– A Match Made in Heaven
2023-02-16 ASUSTOR Makes Upgrading to a New ASUSTOR NAS Easy
2023-02-02 Declutter Your Memories with Deduplication
2023-01-19 Sharing is Caring – Share Links Now have Upload Functionality
2023-01-05 A Newer, Smarter, Better ADM – ADM 4.2
2022-12-22 A Smarter, Safer, More Efficient MyArchive
2022-12-08 Dark Mode is Awesome and Aesthetic
2022-11-24 Squeezing Maximum Power Savings with your ASUSTOR NAS
2022-11-10 Electricity Prices Soar – ASUSTOR Saves You Money
2022-10-27 Regis and Kahran Bethencourt Love their ASUSTOR NAS
2022-10-13 All About the All-New ASUSTOR Backup Plan
2022-09-29 Taking Data Security Seriously – How to Prevent Data Loss
2022-09-15 ASUSTOR and Western Digital WD Red™ Pro 22TB – Support Added for the Highest Capacity Drives Available Now
2022-09-01 Share Links – Sharing Files is Easy with ASUSTOR
2022-08-18 Photographer Rix Mascarenhas ASUSTOR NAS – A Dream Scenario for File Storage and Backups
2022-08-04 Easily Connect to your NAS from Anywhere Using myasustor.com DDNS
2022-07-28 ADM 4.1 continues ASUSTOR’s commitment to security by continuing to introduce better and more robust security measures.
2022-07-07 Making Your NAS Fast with SSD Caching
2022-06-22 MyArchive – Your Tool for Healthy and Safe Backups
2022-06-09 Taku Kumabe Photography and Design Uses ASUSTOR NAS to Handle all his Storage Needs
2022-05-26 Stronger, Faster, Better. Professional NAS for Content Creation - LOCKERSTOR 2, 4 & 6 Gen2
2022-05-12 Three Ways to Show Backing Up is Easy –3-2-1 Backups
2022-04-28 ASUSTOR College Testing Center Launched
2022-04-14 Backing Up and Protecting your Files is Easy! We Show you How!
2022-03-31 Streaming your Favorite Content from your NAS
2022-03-17 Keeping your Data Safe is as Easy as 1-2-3…or Rather 3-2-1 – The 3-2-1 Backup Rule
2022-02-17 EZ Connect – An…EZ Way to Connect to Your NAS
2022-02-03 Protecting your Data with RAID –What you Need to Know
2022-01-20 Control your ASUSTOR NAS from the Palm of your Hand with AiMaster’s Recycle Bin
2022-01-06 No More Accidental Deletions - Protect Yourself with ADM’s Recycle Bin
2021-12-23 You’ve Already Set a Complex Password – Now What?
2021-12-09 An Incomplete Movie is a Bad Movie! ASUSTOR NAS – Indispensable for Final Cut Pro and MacBooks
2021-11-25 Reject Slow Speeds – The ASUSTOR 2.5GbE Universe
2021-11-11 Six Tips on How to Easily Find Photos on an ASUSTOR NAS
2021-10-28 Enjoy Your Favorite Content Online and Offline…Without a PC
2021-10-14 The Switch’nstor Completes your 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet Network
2021-09-30 ASUSTOR Surveillance Center supports efficient surveillance of multiple cameras
2021-09-16 Wake on WAN Means Having your Cake and Eating it Too.
2021-09-02 Mustafa Morad Loves his ASUSTOR Lockerstor 8
2021-08-19 It's the Little NAS That Can - Drivestor 2 (AS1102T) & Drivestor 4 (AS1104T)
2021-08-05 ASUSTOR Live – Livestreaming and Sharing Life's Most Important Memories
2021-07-23 ARMed to the Max! Drivestor 2 Pro & 4 Pro
2021-07-08 ASUSTOR ADM 4.0 Beta Live Demo is Here!
2021-06-24 ADM 4.0 Beta is Here!
2021-06-10 Take Back Control of Your Photos with ASUSTOR – Google Ends Free Unlimited Storage
2021-05-27 The new Google Photos policy is about to begin! How to transfer photos to NAS
2021-05-13 The Importance of Reliable Backups
2021-04-29 ASUSTOR EZ Sync - Sync, Backup and Safely Store Files
2021-04-15 Your ASUSTOR NAS – Protecting your Home
2021-04-01 Data is Safe with ASUSTOR
2021-03-18 ASUSTOR and Adobe - A comprehensive storage solution for content creators
2021-03-04 One Phone – No Computers - AiMaster
2021-02-18 Double Your Performance with the AS-U2.5G2
2021-02-04 Watching Movies on an ASUSTOR - Three Great Features
2021-01-21 Saving Good Memories – Even in Tough Times
2021-01-07 Photo Gallery 3 is Here!
2020-12-24 Why Should I Use an ASUSTOR Instead of Public Cloud Services?
2020-12-10 M.2 Storage Now Available in ASUSTOR NAS Devices
2020-11-26 Mitigating Ransomware Risks with ASUSTOR
2020-11-12 MyArchive and Snapshot Center – Defending Against Ransomware
2020-10-29 The 3-2-1 Backup Rule and the Five Protective Measures of an ASUSTOR NAS
2020-10-15 Protect Yourself Against Ransomware Attacks – Use ASUSTOR
2020-10-01 ASUSTOR Live Adds Facebook and Instagram Streaming
2020-09-17 A Great NAS for Content Creators
2020-09-03 Lockerstor 12R Pro and 16R Pro Released
2020-08-20 AS5202T named Best Home NAS by TechHive
2020-08-06 ASUSTOR NAS-A Creative Cloud Professional’s Best Friend
2020-07-23 Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer Florian Ledoux Loves his ASUSTOR
2020-07-09 Intelligently organize photos with AiFoto 3 and Photo Gallery 3 Beta
2020-06-25 ASUSTOR Has Released The Lockerstor 10 Pro Featuring an Intel Xeon CPU for Faster Speeds than Ever
2020-06-11 ASUSTOR Lockerstor 8 Given a Glowing Review by Windows Central
2020-05-28 ADM 3.5 is Here
2020-05-14 Creating Comprehensive Security Strategies from the inside out
2020-04-30 Japanese video and music creator Coffee uses ASUSTOR NAS to greatly improve the efficiency of video production and transmission
2020-04-16 Keeping Your Data Safe and Up To Date with ASUSTOR
2020-04-02 ASUSTOR NAS is ready for work from home
2020-03-19 ASUSTOR NAS – Solutions for Content Creators
2020-03-05 Cloud Backup Center, cloud end materials
2020-02-20 Hybrid Clouds are Easier Than Ever with DataSync Center
2020-02-06 Go Live with ASUSTOR Live!
2020-01-23 File Explorer Makes File Management in ADM Much Easier!
2020-01-09 ASUSTOR NAS Helps the Photographer Angel More Efficiently Manage His Photography
2019-12-26 The ASUSTOR AS-U2.5G Brings Faster Performance to More Devices Than Ever Before!
2019-12-12 The Hospital Using the ASUSTOR NAS as Back Up Plan in the 21st Century
2019-11-28 How to set up an e-commerce platform or personal website/blog on an ASUSTOR NAS?
2019-11-14 Professional Imaging Studio Lensvid Finds ASUSTOR to be the Best Solution for Data Storage and Remote Collaboration
2019-10-31 How Much am I Actually Spending When I Use Public Cloud Services?
2019-10-17 How to Retain a Cloud ID When Migrating to a New NAS
2019-10-03 Building your own multi-Terabyte iPhone solution
2019-09-19 With an ASUSTOR NAS, Image Processing is Easier than Ever.
2019-09-05 What do I choose? Ext4 or Btrfs?
2019-08-22 The Sounds of the Heavens are Stored Safely with Paige Su and ASUSTOR NAS.
2019-08-08 Edit Documents Together with Coworkers Simultaneously using OnlyOffice
2019-07-25 Protecting data for the rain, NAS security self-checking and setting
2019-07-11 Learning About Snapshot Protections on an ASUSTOR NAS
2019-06-27 ADM 3.3 is here!
2019-06-13 ASUSTOR at Computex 2019
2019-05-23 ASUSTOR Welcomes The AS5202T and AS5304T to the ASUSTOR Family.
2019-05-09 Come In and see us at Computex where ASUSTOR Has a New Multi-Gigabit NAS For You!
2019-04-25 Create your own iTunes music center with an ASUSTOR NAS.
2019-04-11 Take your music anywhere with you! SoundsGood really does sound so good.
2019-03-28 Have you backed up your cloud data?
2019-03-14 Prevent unintentional deletions by using the ADM Recycle Bin!
2019-02-28 ASUSTOR LooksGood Brings a Smarter Video Collection!
2019-02-14 ASUSTOR and Plex!
2019-01-24 ASUSTOR NAS devices keep your data secure with AES 256-bit encryption!
2019-01-10 ADM 3.3 Beta adds "Snapshot Center" to protect data more efficiently
2018-12-27 IT managers love the painless system migration on ASUSTOR NAS devices!
2018-12-13 Comprehensive Cloud Backup Solutions with an ASUSTOR NAS.
2018-11-29 Online help on ADM helps you find the secrets of your NAS..
2018-11-15 Employing the 3-2-1 backup principle, keeping information protected.
2018-11-01 Fantasy Travel Services creates a centralized storage and backup center using ASUSTOR NAS to consolidate important digital assets!
2018-10-18 Managing Data in the age of information explosion.
2018-10-04 ASUSTOR apps help make using your NAS even easier!
2018-09-20 One-click backup your photos on mobile devices with ASUSTOR NAS.
2018-09-06 ASUSTOR’s MyArchive makes your data easy to take on the go.
2018-08-23 EZ Sync magically updates your files everywhere you go!
2018-08-09 Easily set up a website or blog using an ASUSTOR NAS without coding!
2018-07-26 RAID scrubbing helps ensure the integrity of your data.
2018-07-12 EZConnect.to – An even simpler way to connect to your NAS!
2018-06-29 ASUSTOR NAS provides BCCHardware with convenient and private high traffic network access
2018-06-14 ASUSTOR shows off their newest NAS at Computex 2018! Spoiler alert! It’s FAST!
2018-05-24 The Qiyan Chamber Orchestra and ASUSTOR NAS
2018-05-10 Two-step verification, enhanced account protection
2018-04-19 Home or business? ASUSTOR’s smart apps help get it done!
2018-03-22 ASUSTOR quickly releases patches for Intel’s Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, putting security first!
2018-03-08 ASUSTOR NAS features Wake on WAN technology. Waiting for an opportunity to act!
2018-02-22 Come and snap a shot of ASUSTOR's good side at WPPI 2018!
2018-02-08 Chan Chao International adopts ASUSTOR for its daily storage needs
2018-01-26 Have you heard of exFAT?
2018-01-09 ASUSTOR Surveillance Center 2.8 has now been released! Better meeting the needs of today’s home and small businesses.
2017-12-28 ASUSTOR AS3102T NAS Selected as SmallNetBuilder’s Performance Champion
2017-08-03 ASUSTOR and NAKIVO Launch Comprehensive Virtual Machine Backup Solution
2017-07-20 ASUSTOR and Dahua Technology Partner to Create Surveillance Solution
2017-07-06 Polish PR Agency Adopts ASUSTOR NAS to Improve Workflow Efficiency and Data Security Management
2017-06-22 A Large Liquor Retailer from New Zealand Chooses ASUSTOR Surveillance Center for its Simple Management and Comprehensive Features
2017-06-02 ASUSTOR Debuts New Flagship NAS Models, ADM 3.0 and Surveillance Center 2.7 at Computex 2017
2017-05-19 ASUSTOR to Debut New NAS Models at Computex 2017 Featuring WOW (Wake On WAN) Technology
2017-05-05 ASUSTOR Launches AS6302T and AS6404T Featuring Powerful Hardware and Software Enhancements
2017-04-21 ASUSTOR's In-Depth Data Protection Plan Provides Stress-Free Security!
2017-04-07 ASUSTOR NAS Supports Kodi 17 (Beta) Featuring A New Look and Enhanced Functions!
2017-03-23 Do you want a multifunctional device that backs up your data, provides security and offers anytime access? An ASUSTOR NAS is your best solution!
2017-03-10 A Digital Printing Lab in Spain Uses ASUSTOR NAS to Significantly Increase Productivity
2017-02-23 ASUSTOR NAS Solution Utilized as Backbone of Japanese Cram School VOD System
2017-02-09 ASUSTOR Releases LooksGood 2.0 Beta with Brand New Intuitive Interface
2017-01-19 Experience ASUSTOR's ADM 2.7 Beta and 4 New Innovations Along with Enhanced Security, Performance and Network Access Flexibilty
2017-01-10 ASUSTOR NAS Helps American Roofing Company Create Resource Sharing Solution
2016-12-22 ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.6.6. RCF2, Enhancing VPN Server Support with IPSec/L2TP
2016-12-08 Try ASUSTOR's Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta with the Centralized Management Software, CMS Lite
2016-11-24 ASUSTOR's Takeasy App is the Best Way to Save Online Videos
2016-11-10 ASUSTOR Releases New SoundsGood 2.0 Beta App
2016-10-28 ASUSTOR Launches the Enterprise-Class High Capacity AS6212RD
2016-10-13 ASUSTOR NAS Provides You With the Most Comprehensive Cloud Backup Solutions!
2016-09-29 Stay Connected to Everything You Care About with ASUSTOR's AiSecure!
2016-09-15 ASUSTOR AS6204RS & AS6204RD: The First Braswell Intel Quad-Core Rackmount NAS Models
2016-09-01 ASUSTOR Photo Gallery 2.0 is now officially released!
2016-08-18 Use your phone to control YouTube playback on your TV! ASUSTOR NAS sets you up!
2016-08-04 New fun with ASUSTOR 's HDMI output!URL-Pack packs up everything you want!
2016-07-21 Strengthen ADM Account Security with 2-Step Verifiation
2016-07-07 7 Tips for Easy Photo Management with ASUSTOR’s Photo Gallery
2016-06-23 ASUSTOR Supports Let's Encrypt, a Free Certificate Authority, for Fast SSL Connections
2016-06-02 Use Surveillance Center With The 4 Most Popular Web Browsers
2016-05-26 The Countdown to Computex 2016 Begins! Preview ASUSTOR's Brand New Models and ADM 3.0
2016-05-12 ASUSTOR to Exhibit at Computex 2016 from Within the ASUS Booth
2016-04-28 Constantly evolving MyArchive technology
2016-04-14 Virtualization Applicaions for ASUSTOR NAS
2016-03-31 Great review from Hardware.Info (Holland), the AS3104T was tested as having the best performance for 4-bay NASes under 400 Euros!
2016-03-16 Recommended Applications for Mac Users
2016-03-03 ADM 2.6 Beta: Powerful ASUSTOR Portal Multimedia Applications
2016-02-04 Optimized for your Mac
2016-01-21 Photo Gallery 2.0 Beta Simplify Your Photo Management
2016-01-07 ADM 2.5.2 Beta Upgrades Your NAS Experience
2015-12-24 10 Tips for Selecting an ASUSTOR NAS for Your Business
2015-12-10 AiCast: Exclusive Dedicated Remote Control App for Kodi - Beta Version Now Available for Android
2015-11-26 ASUSTOR 31 Series: A Powerful and Economical NAS Featuring 4K Multimedia Playback and Hardware Encryption
2015-11-12 ASUSTOR connects with Sonos to give you non-stop audio enjoyment
2015-10-29 ASUSTOR Surveillance Section Online Now
2015-10-15 iSCSI LUN Snapshots: Stable, fast and capacity-saving
2015-10-01 ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.4 Beta
2015-09-17 ASUSTOR 10 Series: The Ideal Entry Level NAS for the Digital Home
2015-09-03 First in the World to be Powered by Intel Braswell Processors
2015-08-24 App Central: Unleash unlimited potential
2015-08-10 Unmatched ASUSTOR Performance Ranked No.1 in Both American and European Reviews
2015-07-18 AiData: Your Mobile Cloud Data Manager
2015-07-09 Photo Gallery: Expanded Supported File Formats
2015-06-25 MyArchive: NAS hard disks on the go
2015-06-10 ASUSTOR supports DSD file playback with Hi-Res Player
2015-05-25 AiVideos + Chromecast = Big-Screen Entertainment
2015-05-05 ASUSTOR's exclusive Hyper-Transcoding
2015-05-04 VirtualBox + NAS = PC