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URL-Pack-CN asustor NAS App



URL-Pack-CN is installed for ASUSTOR PORTAL that contains multiple video web site URL from China for redirection. Web sites are Iqiyi, qq, Sohu, Todou and Youku.

URL-Pack-CN 内含多个中国知名视频网站的连结,安装到 ASUSTOR Portal 后即可进行点选导向选取的视频网站进行浏览。中国知名视频网站有爱奇艺、腾讯视频、搜狐、土豆以及优酷。

What's new in this version?

Version: 1.0.0.r2

- Update to use Firefox for all services.

Version: 1.0.0.r1
- Update to open with Firefox.
- Add qq videos.

URL-Pack-CN asustor NAS App