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OnlyOffice Docs asustor NAS App

OnlyOffice Docs


ONLYOFFICE Document Server is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time.
Please setup domain for NAS with validate certificate before install or upgrade this App if you want to use HTTPS connection.

1. It's recommended to run in the NAS with 2 GB memory and above. (Hardware requirements)
2. Please try to install again if 1st time installation is failed, since the large docker image file size.
3. HTTP port: 31080, please connect ONLYOFFICE Document Server via http://[NAS IP]:31080.
4. HTTPS port: 31443, please connect ONLYOFFICE Document Server via https://[Validate Domain of NAS]:31443 if you have setup validate domain with certificate.

What's new in this version?

Version: 7.1.1.r02

- Update to Lock the version on 7.1.1, since the current configuration is not work for version 7.2.
- For ADM 4.0 and above.

Version: 7.1.1.r01

- Update to Docker version 7.1.1.
- For ADM 4.0 and above.

Version: 7.0.1.r01

- Update to Docker version 7.0.1.
- For ADM 4.0 and above.

Version: 6.4.2.r01

- Update to Docker version 6.4.2.

Version: 6.3.1.r01

- Update to Docker version 6.3.1.

Version: 6.0.2.r01

- Update to Docker version 6.0.2.

Version: 5.6.2.r01

- Update to Docker version 5.6.2.

Version: 5.5.3.r01

- Enable HTTPS (SSL) connection.
- Update to Docker version 5.5.3.

Version: 5.5.1.r01

- Update to Docker version 5.5.1.

Version: 5.3.1.r1

- Initial release with OnlyOffice Document Server docker version 5.3.1, only for x86-64 platform.

OnlyOffice Docs asustor NAS App